Spotify每分鐘增加28首歌,Facebook上傳14.7萬張照片 及其他網路統計訊息,讓你腦洞大開!

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  • Spotify每分鐘增加28首歌,Facebook上傳14.7萬張照片 及其他網路統計訊息,讓你腦洞大開!


    ◎網路使用繼續以驚人的速度增長。Domo的最新(Data Never Sleeps)圖表揭示了在一分鐘之內網路上發生的驚人活動。


    Internet usage continues to grow at an impressive rate. This latest Data Never Sleeps chart from Domo reveals the truly staggering amount of activity that occurs on the internet within a single minute.
    Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0
    Internet use continues to grow at an amazing rate, and just about the time we think it can’t possibly grow any more, usage takes another leap. Domo released its yearly Data Never Sleeps chart that outlines the typical usage on the Internet every minute. Prepare to be amazed.
    Facebook users upload 147,000 photos
    Twitter gains 319 new users
    Instagram users post 347,222 Stories
    YouTube creators upload 500 hours of video
    Netflix users stream 404,444 hours of video
    Consumers spend $1 million online
    Facebook users share 150,000 messages
    Spotify adds 28 new tracks to its library
    Amazon ships 6,659 packages
    $3,805 is spent on mobile apps
    Whatsapp users share 46,666,667 messages
    Zoom hosts 208,333 people in meetings
    Reddit sees 479,452 people with content
    Doordash diners order 555 meals
    Twitter gains 319 users
    And this happens every minute of every day!
    What’s more, the number of people using the Internet continues to grow. In 2014 it was 3 billion people. In 2018 it was up to 4.8 billion people, meaning that almost 70% of earth’s population was online.
    The fact of the matter is that almost anyone can have access to more information about just about anything than they can handle. The problem is that there’s also so much misinformation available that it can be easy to mislead into thinking you know more than you do.
    It also means that the tech giants are more powerful than ever before and gaining even more power every day. This will surely lead to a day when governments attempt to break them up in order to lessen their influence (we’re seeing the start of that already).
    The scariest thing is that there’s still room for growth, as every major tech company continues to expand their virtual territory. There’s a segment of the population that’s now grown up online and is almost as comfortable in its alternate reality as in real life. We’ll have to see if that’s for better or worse.