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  • Spotify每月4.99美元的學生訂閱方案中現在包括Showtime和Hulu的影片串流

    ◎新學年開始,Spotify在其每月4.99美元的Premium學生訂閱方案中增加了免費的Showtime影片串流訂閱,Spotify去年就已在學生方案中增加了免費的電視電影串流平台Hulu的訂閱;如果是分開訂閱Spotify + Showtime + Hulu的話,每月要花費將近30美元,而現在一共只要4.99美元。這次的新優惠適用於新加入的和現存的學生訂閱戶,另外還提供一個99美分的試用版。

    ◎Spotify的Premium會員總監Alex Norström在一份聲明中表示「Spotify Premium改變了學生的內容遊戲規則,透過與Showtime的合作以及與Hulu持續的合作關係,Spotify Premium現在能夠為學生提供完整的音樂和影片內容、節目和電影。從來沒有學生可以用這種前所未有的價值擁有這種等級的串流媒體娛樂選擇。」



    Spotify has added a free Showtime streaming subscription to its $4.99 Premium Student tier. The streamer added a free Hulu subscription to the student tier last year. The new offer is available to both new and existing student subscribers; and there is a 99 cents free trial, as well.

    Just in time for the new school year, Spotify has added Showtime to its low cost Premium Student subscription package. Bought separately, the Spotify + Showtime + Hulu $4.99 per month student deal would cost almost $30 monthly.

    "Spotify Premium has just changed the content game for students. By joining forces with Showtime and continuing our relationship with Hulu, Spotify Premium is now able to give students a complete world of music and video content, shows and film," said Spotify chief premium officer Alex Norström in a statement. "Never before have students had this level of streaming entertainment options, at this unprecedented value, all in one package."

    Lower Royalties?

    How much of the $4.99 is returned to artists, labels and music publishers and how much Showtime and Hulu recieve is unclear. Spotify statements that we've seen do not break out payments from plays on the student tier.