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  • Spotify的「故事情節」功能讓藝人可用Instagram的風格講述歌曲背後的故事



    ◎目前該功能已提供一群有限的藝人使用,Spotify的「故事情節」結合了現在已在Spotify中作為「歌詞背後」功能提供者的Genius應用程式,和Instagram及Facebook的限時動態的圖片幻燈片放映形式。像是Android Police網站就在Jonas Brothers的〈Sucker〉和Billie Eilish的〈Bad Guy〉、〈Bury a Friend〉、〈When the Party's Over〉、〈Wish You Were Gay〉等歌曲中發現有「故事情節」;Techcrunch網站則找到MAX的〈Love Me Less〉。而Reddit上有用戶聲稱已在2 Chainz 的〈Forgiven〉和The Beaches的〈Snake Tongue〉上看到該功能。


    Spotify is widely testing its own version of Instagram Stories for musicians and songwriters. "Storyline" provides curated commentary about each song running slideshow-style as the song plays.

    Currently available to a limited group artists, Spotify's Storyline borrows from both the Genius app, which is already available within Spotify as "Behind The Lyrics" and the image slide shows of Instagram and Facebook Stories. Android Police found Storylines for Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" and Billie Eilish ("Bad Guy," "Bury a Friend," "When the Party's Over," "Wish You Were Gay"). Techcrunch added MAX's "Love Me Less." Plus, Reddit users claim to have seen on it 2 Chainz' "Forgiven," The Beaches' "Snake Tongue."

    We found an active "Storyline" for Maggie Rogers "Light On." While playing the song, timed images with text ran slideshow style underneath the play button.

    Some artists have been critical of the accuracy of Spotify's current lyric annotations.