Spotify的「Today’s Top Hits」播放列表 獲得2500萬關注者,300億串流

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  • Spotify的「Today’s Top Hits」播放列表 獲得2500萬關注者,300億串流


    ◎ Spotify的「Today’s Top Hits」播放列表已吸引2500萬關注者和200億串流,僅次於(Drake)和(Ed Sheeran)。
    ◎「Today’s Top Hits」播放列表收錄來自世界各地歌手的曲目,涵蓋各種類型,包括:流行、拉丁、嘻哈和獨立。
    ◎「Today’s Top Hits」播放列表於2014年啟動,除了分析串流媒體數據以更新每週的播放列表外,還分析音樂文化和流行趨勢。
    ◎超過70位藝人已從該播放列表收到超過1億個視頻串流。該播放列表幫助啟動了許多藝人的事業,包括:(Arizona Zervas)、(Tones and I)、(Lewis Capaldi)。


    Spotify playlist Today’s Top Hits has passed 25 Million followers and 20 billion streams. If Today’s Top Hits was an artist, it would be the third most-streamed artist on Spotify after Drake and Ed Sheeran, Spotify’s top artists of the decade.
    Today’s Top Hits features songs from artists around the world, spanning a variety of genres including pop, Latin, hip-hop, and indie.
    Launched in 2014, Today’s Top Hits curators analyze music culture and trends, in addition to streaming data to populate the playlist that updates weekly.
    Over 70 artists have received more than 100 Million streams from being on the playlist. The playlist helped kickstart the careers of many artists including Arizona Zervas, Tones and I, and Lewis Capaldi whose singles “Roxanne”, “Dance Monkey”, and “Someone You Loved” respectively have been a staple on the playlist most recently.
    “We are thrilled that Today’s Top Hits, the biggest playlist brand in the world, has reached this significant milestone,” said Jeremy Erlich, VP, Music Strategy, Spotify. “We love the reaction that fans and users have for TTH and are thrilled to use it as a platform to highlight artists from all over the world. We are looking forward to the next 25!”
    To help Spotify celebrate, Niall Horan, Julia Michaels, Lewis Capaldi, Lauv, Conan Gray, Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, several artists featured on Today’s Top Hits, shared a special congratulatory video and thanked the followers for their support (watch them HERE on Spotify’s news site, For The Record).