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  • Spotify的免費線上錄音程式Soundtrap增加無限儲存空間




    ◎Soundtrap提供線上協作音樂和播客錄音室。Soundtrap總經理Per Emanuelsson表示「新版本為任何喜歡用音樂或播客創作的人提供了自由,任何創作者現在都可以將他們所有的好想法儲存下來,以供將來參考,然後與朋友分享,根據自己的需要進行協作或編輯。」


    Spotify owned Soundtrap has released a new version of its free tier which allows users to create and save an unlimited number of multi-track music and podcast projects. Unlimited capacity has until now only been available to paying subscribers.

    The free multi-platform software now also adds 210 free software instruments as well as audio effects. Soundtrap offers an online collaborative music and podcast recording studio. that allows users to connect and work on the same tune or podcast in real time using any connected device.

    "This new version gives freedom to anyone who likes to be creative with music or podcasts, and we are very excited to see what our users will do with all the new capacity," said Per Emanuelsson, managing director of Soundtrap at Spotify. "Any creator will now be able to store all their great ideas. They can keep them around for future reference and then share them with friends to collaborate or edit them as suits their needs."

    "Soundtrap's new, no-fee product follows our parent company Spotify's revamped free tier implemented a year ago. We're joining Spotify's lead in improving what's available to those who use our basic, no-fee product," said Emanuelsson. "Offering an even richer palette of tools for free online music- and podcast-making inspires greater creativity and is likely to increase the love of music and storytelling for everyone passionate about connecting and creating."