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  • Spotify的股票為何空前高漲?


    ◎大漲的原因是投資者有信心,包括對年底發布針對粉絲和藝人的年度Spotify Wrapped,加上強大的播客統計數據,以及大量新發布的Beta串流媒體功能


    Spotify stock jumped 16% on Wednesday to close at an all-time daily high of $320.89.
    The reasons for investor confidence include a bit of year-end mania amplified by the release of the annual Spotify Wrapped for fans and artists alongside strong podcast stats and a slew of newly released and in beta streaming features.
    Spotify-owned podcast app Anchor drove the creation of 80% of all new (and mostly small) podcasts on the platform in 2020. There are now over 1.9 million podcasts on Spotify.
    In October, Spotify introduced a new show format that allows creators to combine talk segments with music from the streaming platform’s catalog of 65 million licensed songs using the Anchor platform.