Spotify的高級免費試用期延長三倍 與Apple相當

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  • Spotify的高級免費試用期延長三倍 與Apple相當


    ◎Spotify已將其高級服務的免費試用期從30天延長至90天。此舉將Spotify與Apple Music的90天試用相結合,以滿足個人和學生的計劃。這項服務將在未來幾個月內推出Duo和Family。


    Spotify has expanded the free trial period for its Premium service from 30 to 90 days. The move aligns Spotify with Apple Music's 90 day trial and launches today for individual and student plans.
    The offer will roll out across Duo and Family in the coming months, says the streamer.
    The 90 day offer is not short term, as many of its promotions have been in the past. 90 says free is a permanent change, says Spotify, "no matter when you sign up, winter, spring, summer, or fall."
    Falling ARPU Concerns Labels
    The move should delight consumers. But record labels, many of whom are in ongoing negotiations with Spotify, are growingly concerned that discounts contribute to the streamer's steadily declining ARPU. Last quarter, the average revenue per user fell 2% over the previous year.
    Spotify also announced earlier this week that it is upgrading its Family plan at no additional charge.
    The new offer is open only to users who haven’t already tried Premium. The offer is not available on Headspace, non-recurring products, and most carrier billing, except for Individual in JP, AU, DE, CH and Student in JP.