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  • Spotify與汽車品牌凱迪拉克整合


    ◎Spotify宣布與豪華汽車領導品牌凱迪拉克整合,駕駛者可以透過凱迪拉克的資訊娛樂系統中的嵌入式應用程式商店下載Spotify應用程式,一旦他們登入了他們的Spotify付費會員帳戶,就可以利用車上的4G LTE連結來收聽音樂,而不需要使用手機、電纜或藍牙連結。

    ◎用戶將享受與Spotify的手機和桌機應用程式類似的熟悉介面。待機畫面頂部將顯示「主畫面」、「最近播放」、「音樂庫」、「瀏覽」和「迷你播放器」五個標記,以幫助用戶瀏覽內容。用戶將能夠聽到他們喜愛的藝人和專輯以及Spotify策劃和個人化的播放清單。這意味著用戶喜歡的像是「Discover Weekly」、「Release Radar」和「Your Daily Mix」這樣的播放清單也會正常的在汽車上進行更新。Spotify應用程式也設計了專門針對開車時所做的推薦。



    Spotify has announced an integration with leading luxury automotive brand Cadillac. Drivers can download the Spotify app through an embedded app shop in Cadillac's infotainment system. Once they've logged into their Spotify Premium account, they can use the vehicle's 4G LTE connection to listen to music without their phone, cables, or a Bluetooth connection.

    Users will enjoy a familiar interface similar to the Spotify mobile and desktop apps. Five screen icons will appear at the top of the home screen to assist customers navigating content: Home, Recently Played, Library, Browse and Mini Player. Users will be able to access the artists and albums they love as well as Spotify-curated and personalized playlists. That means favorites like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Your Daily Mix will all update as normal within the car.

    The Spotify app is also designed to deliver recommendations specifically geared towards the drive. The app understands that you're in the car and will provide music recommendations that are perfect for road tripping, getting to work, or singing along with friends.

    Spotify and Cadillac worked together to make the experience of listening as effortless as possible, fully integrating the app into the car's infotainment system. Users can set Spotify playlists or artists as preset stations and seamlessly switch between Spotify and other music playback options, such as FM radio.

    "Cadillac has been an amazing partner to make it easier and safer for Spotify users to listen to music in the car," says Spotify's Senior Manager of Automotive Business Development, Jonathan Tarlton. "We love the innovation we are seeing with Cadillac's entertainment systems and are excited to bring personalized on demand music to more Spotify lovers on the road."

    "Cadillac has a long history of innovation, from the electric starter in 1912, to Super Cruise, the world's first hands-free driving system for the freeway. The Spotify in-vehicle app is another example of purposeful innovation that makes our customers' drives more enjoyable," said Mike Miller, In-Vehicle Apps Manager, Cadillac.

    The Spotify app is now available on select Cadillac models including the XTS, CTS, ATS, CTS-V and ATS-V, and will soon be available on new Cadillac models rolling out, including the 2019 CT6. The app will be available for Cadillac owners in the United States. To access, users can find the Spotify app in the "Collection" icon on the radio's home screen.