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  • Spotify表示提供個人化的音樂使得歌曲發掘率提高了35%



    ◎像是Van Morrison的粉絲可能會突然發現他的歌曲〈Warm Love〉已被添加到他們過去已經聽了好幾週的「Songs For Love」播放清單中。透過提供更為個人化的編輯播放清單,Spotify表示他們已經讓出現在播放清單中的藝人數量增加了30%,且讓聽眾新發掘的歌曲數量增加了35%。

    ◎根據Spotify的說法,某部分的增加也是在Unique Links推出之後出現的。這個Spotify平台上的工具讓藝人能夠分享一個個人化的網址,網址會鏈接到一個有他們的歌曲出現在頂端的播放清單。


    Spotify says that song discovery is up 35%, thanks to new efforts to personalize the music delivered on the platform. Spotify recently began adding tracks based on the user's listening habits to many of its curated playlists.

    Van Morrison fans might suddenly find that his "Warm Love" had been added to the Songs For Love playlist that they've been listening to for weeks.

    By offering greater personalization of editorial playlists, Spotify says they've increased the number of artists featured on playlists by 30% and the number of songs listeners are discovering by 35%.

    (I'd love it if Spotify let me customize its curated playlists too, but that's another post.)

    Some of the increase also came after the launch if Unique Links, according to the streamer.This Spotify tool enables artists to share a customized URL that links to a playlist featuring their track(s) at the top of the playlist.