Spotify表示Chill Vibes播放列表的成長對新藝人有促進作用

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  • Spotify表示Chill Vibes播放列表的成長對新藝人有促進作用


    ◎ Covid-19大流行期間,弛放音樂(Chill Vibes)發揮著重要作用。根據Billboard的數據,串流媒體服務的“Chill Vibes”播放列表在3月和4月的追踪人數成長了7%以上,月平均用戶數增長了5倍。
    ◎Spotify的編輯(Lizzy Szabo)表示,由於Covid-19對音樂家收入的影響(包括對新藝人的影響),她感到有更多責任將更多的藝人安排到這個領域,包括讓他們更接近播放列表頂部。


    We know that chillout music is having a big moment during the Covid-19 pandemic, but one of Spotify’s editors has been making the case for this as a boost for new artists.
    The streaming service’s ‘Chill Vibes’ playlist saw its following grow by more than 7% over March and April, while its monthly average users spiked fivefold according to Billboard. In an interview, editor Lizzy Szabo told the publication that she has been “feeling a hyper-responsibility to program more artists into this space” due to Covid-19’s impact on musicians’ incomes – including for new artists “taking a bigger chance and putting them more toward the top of the list”.
    This, apparently, is part of a wider strategy across Spotify’s growing playlists: “If the behaviour changes; if other moods or genres rise to the surface, we’ll try and surface whichever emerging artists fit in those spaces, too.”
    The interview came as Spotify published some data on trends in user-created playlists during the pandemic: spikes for gardening, baking, home-school and working-from-home themed playlists, etc.