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  • Spotify訂閱戶平均支付價格為每月5.50美元且持續下降,讓藝人和唱片公司獲利減少



    ◎Spotify的價格根據當地的匯率因國家而異,且據Spotify表示,還要根據每個市場可以承擔的程度,從邏輯上講,發展中國家的訂閱戶支付的費用會遠低於美國的訂閱戶。但是Spotify 11月在中東和北非(MENA)推出時,全區域的定價意味著一些世界上最富裕國家的用戶支付的費用是美國和歐盟用戶的一半。阿拉伯聯合大公國是世界上最富裕的國家之一,人均國內生產總值為68,250美元;沙烏地阿拉伯的人均國內生產總值為55,260美元,全球排名緊接美國之後為第12名。在沙烏地阿拉伯和阿聯酋,Spotify分別收費為19.99沙特里亞爾和19.99迪拉姆,相當於每月5.33美元。其他富裕的中東和北非國家還包括排名第一的卡達人均國內生產總值124,930美元,以及排名第七的科威特人均國內生產總值為69,670美元。

    ◎每月收費5美元的學生折扣也降低了Spotify的平均訂閱收入,另外還有,6個帳戶收費15美元的家庭方案和3個月收費99美分的試用訂閱方案。根據Tim Ingham為Rolling Stone雜誌所做的分析,全球Spotify訂閱戶平均每年的支付費用比4年前少了20美元。2014年底時Spotify的用戶平均每年支付65.53歐元,按照現行的年度匯率計算換算為87.09美元,即每月7.26美元。當Spotify在2019年進入印度龐大的音樂市場時,預計價格將接近當地的5美元,這將使這個平均值會進一步下降。



    The average price that a Spotify subscriber pays in dropping, and that has artists and record labels worried. Despite a stated price of $9.99 USD / €9.99 EU , the actual average price paid global is just $5.50 per month and falling.

    Spotify prices vary from country to country based on local currency, and according to the streamer, what each market will bear. Logically, subscribers in a developing country will pay far less than in the US.

    But in November, when Spotify launched in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), regionwide pricing meant that users in some of the richest countries in the world were paying half of what the US and EU pay.

    Within MENA, the United Arab Emirates are among the world's richest countries with a per capita GDP of $68,250 USD and Saudi Arabia ranks just behind the U.S. at 12th richest with a $55,260 GDP per capita. In Saudi Arabia and UAE, Spotify is said to be charging 19.99 Saudi Riyal and 19.99 dirham respectively, which is about $5.33 USD per month. Other wealthy MENA countries include #1 Qatar at $124,930 GDP per capita and #7 Kuwait with $69,670 GDP per capita.

    $5 student discounts also lower Spotify's average subscription revenue, as do $15.00 for 6 account family plans and 3 months for 99 cents trial subscriptions.

    According to an analysis by Tim Ingham for Rolling Stone, the average Spotify subscriber around the world is paying over $20 less per year than four years ago. "Taken as a snapshot at the end of 2014, then, the average Spotify subscriber was paying €65.53 per year, which, at the prevailing annual exchange rate, translates at U.S. $87.09, or $7.26 per month. "

    That average should fall even further in 2019 when Spotify enters India's massive music market with prices expected to be near the local equivalent of $5.

    All of this has labels worried and are certain to be a major topic as Spotify renegotiates its current licensing deal with Universal at the end of Q1, followed in 2019 by Sony and then WMG.