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    • 201810/0810:27
    ◎Spotify財務長Barry McCarthy在高盛第27屆年度傳播會議上接受採訪時表示,Spotify的有廣告插播免費方案用戶中,最後有一半會轉換為高級付費用戶。這位前Netflix財務長在高盛投資者會議上發表上述評論,作為他擴大串流媒體廣告插播免費方案的立論的一部分,他表示「如果我們提供更好的免費服務,串流媒體的付費服務就可以繼續增長。」

    ◎Barry McCarthy也評論了其他Spotify較小的競爭對手,雖然沒有指名Napster、Deezer、TIDAL和其他的媒體,但他表示,對於「相對較小且資金不足的串流媒體,它們的遊戲已經結束了,即使他們還沒有理出頭緒」。採訪中提到的其他重點包括:20萬名藝人佔了Spotify上所有串流量的72%,另外180萬名藝人佔了其餘的28%的串流量。隨著車載串流和語音控制變得無所不在,「傳統廣播電台已經玩完了」。Spotify未來成功的關鍵在於該公司對科技和軟體的重視,「就像Netflix一樣,Spotify是一家軟體優先的公司」。「擁有最佳音樂發掘的服務會獲勝」,而作為全球最大的音樂串流媒體,Spotify擁有最多的數據來推動音樂的發掘。針對即將展開的唱片公司談判,他也承認,主要唱片公司通常會透過向媒體洩露互相傳送的訊息和聲明來避免反托拉斯的問題。



    Half the users of Spotify's free ad supported tier convert to Premium paid users, if they stay engaged, Barry McCarthy, Spotify Chief Financial Officer said in an interview at the Goldman Sachs 27th Annual Communacopia Conference Friday.

    "1 out 2" users that try Spotify's free music service eventually convert to Premium paid users, if they stay engaged, according to Spotify Chief Financial Officer Barry McCarthy. The former Netflix CFO made the comment at a Goldman Sachs investor conference, as part of his justification for expanding the streamers' ad supported free tier. The streamer's paid service can continue to grow "if we make the free service better," McCarty said.

    Elsewhere in the interview, the CFO took aim at Spotify's smaller competitors. Without naming Napster, Deezer, TIDAL and others, McCarthy said that for "relatively small and undercapitalized (streamers), it's game over, even if they have not figured it out."

    Other highlights from the interview:

    200,000 artists account for 72% of all the streams on Spotify

    1.8 million artists account for the other 28% of streams

    "Broadcast radio is toast" as streaming in the car and voice control become ubiquitous.

    The real key to Spotify's future success is company's emphasis on technology and software. "Like Netflix, Spotify is a software first company."

    "The service with the best music discovery wins," and as the largest music streamer globally "by a factor of 2," Spotify has the most data to drive that discovery.

    Upcoming label negotiations are often fodder for "drama queens" who should "have at it," according to McCarthy, He did admit that the major labels often avoid antitrust issues by sending messages to each other via leaks and statements to the press.

    The labels want Spotify to charge more than $9.99 per month, but that's the wrong conversation. "We should be talking about growing revenue."

    Spotify is the largest global music streaming subscription service with 180 million Monthly Active Users and 83 million Premium Subscribers with a presence in 65 countries and territories, and more than 35 million tracks.