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  • Spotify預裝在全球數百萬台新的三星移動裝置上


    ◎Spotify和三星擴大其合作夥伴關係。從現在開始,Spotify將預裝在全球數百萬台新的三星移動裝置上。此外,在美國地區新的Spotify用戶選用三星Galaxy手機的話,將可在應用程式中兌換獲得6個月的免費Spotify Premium會員資格。



    Spotify and Samsung are expanding their partnership. Starting today, Spotify will be pre-installed on millions of new Samsung mobile devices globally. In addition, new Spotify users in the U.S. with select Samsung Galaxy mobiles will qualify for six months of free Spotify Premium, redeemable in app.

    In August 2018, Spotify was announced as Samsung's go-to music service provider.

    Spotify has also been deeply integrated with Bixby, Samsung's voice recognition platform, including Spotify content and recommendations tailored for each listener on the Bixby homescreen.

    "We were very excited to be named Samsung's go-to music streaming service several months ago and today's news will only ensure a more seamless Spotify listening experience across devices for listeners around the world," said Sten Garmark, VP of Consumer Products, Spotify. "This partnership makes it easy for Samsung mobile users to access their favorite music and podcasts on Spotify, wherever they are and however they choose to listen."

    "Our goal is to deliver the best possible mobile experience to our consumers, and Spotify is the ideal music partner to help us make that vision a reality," said Patricio Paucar, VP of Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. "Whether they're listening to the latest hit albums or checking out their favorite playlist, we're giving eligible Galaxy S10 users access to an amazing six month Spotify Premium offer."