Spotify, Columbia, WMG, Capitol參加音樂產業(George Floyd)抗議事件:#TheShowMustBePaused

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  • Spotify, Columbia, WMG, Capitol參加音樂產業(George Floyd)抗議事件:#TheShowMustBePaused


    ◎Spotify, Columbia Records, Warner Music Group, Capitol Music Group以及相關的唱片公司及包括Quincy Jones在內的藝人,都加入了基層音樂產業運動,在 George Floyd被白人警察執法過當致死後,決定於6月2日(星期二)暫停所有活動,時值美國全國為警察不當拘留事件抗議中。
    ◎5月29日晚上,#THESHOWMUSTBEPAUSED標籤在Instagram和其他社交媒體平台上傳播,隨後唱片公司和音樂界的其他人加入支持。一夕之間,Capitol Music Group宣布6月2日“不開展任何業務”,同時向非營利組織(Color Of Change)捐款,以制止不公平對待黑人,並支持黑人的做法。
    ◎Warner Music Group也加入聲援,並向(Black Live Matter)和其他組織捐款。
    ◎Spotify和Columbia Records也正式宣布6月2日關閉。
    ◎Universal Music Group愛爾蘭和全球其他主要獨立唱片公司也表示了支持。
    ◎包括Live Nation在內的其他音樂公司也表示支持,但尚未明確承諾在6月2日關閉。
    ◎(Quincy Jones)是表達支持的眾多藝人之一。


    UPDATED: Spotify, Columbia Records, Warner Music Group, Capitol Music Group, and associated labels along with artists including Quincy Jones are among those joining a growing grassroots music industry campaign to pause all activity on Tuesday, June 2nd following the death of George Floyd while in police custody and the nationwide protests that followed.
    Messages began circulating using the #THESHOWMUSTBEPAUSED hashtag on Instagram and other social media platforms on Friday evening May 29th calling for “a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community.”
    In the hours that followed many artists, record labels and others in the music industry added their support.
    Overnight, Capital Music Group announced that it would “not be conducting any business” on Tuesday along with a donation to Color Of Change, a progressive non-profit that organizes campaigns “powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. Until justice is real.”
    Warner Music Group also pledged to shut down Tuesday in solidarity and make donations to Black Live Matter and other organizations.
    UPDATE: On Sunday, Spotify and Columbia Records formally announced that they too would shut down on Tuesday.
    Spotify’s announcement came via LA based marketing and analytics Team Lead Dana Sedgwick.
    More Support
    Universal Music Group Ireland and other major and independent labels across the globe also expressed the support.
    Other music companies including Live Nation have signaled support in the last 36 hours, but as of Sunday morning have not specifically pledged to shut down on Tuesday.
    Quincy Jones was among the many artists also expressing support.