Spotify Wrapped 對上Apple Music Replay 對上YouTube Music My Year in Review

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  • Spotify Wrapped 對上Apple Music Replay 對上YouTube Music My Year in Review


    ◎繼(Spotify Wrapped)和(Apple Music Replay)成功之後,(YouTube Music)又推出一項名為(My Year in Review”)年度回顧的類似功能。
    ◎最近社交媒體可能會看到樂迷發布有關(Spotify Wrapped),(Apple Music Replay)/或全新(YouTube Music My Year in Review)的信息。各個平台的功能將在今年年底推出,並為用戶提供一種回顧過去12個月的聆聽習慣的方法。事實證明,這種功能很受歡迎,並且在社交媒體上得到了廣泛討論,人們可以共享他們本年度最常聽歌曲的截圖。
    ◎儘管這三種產品都圍繞著相同的基本思想,但是在介面,提供的訊息和詳細程度方面存在很大的差異。Spotify是第一個提出這個想法的人,最初在2017年將其稱為(Spotify Year in Review )。Apple於2019年推出了(Music Replay)。
    ◎Spotify Wrapped的獨特功能之一,是其引人入勝的圖形和視覺效果。介面非常豐富多彩,並且充滿了流暢的動畫效果。同時,Apple Music Replay採用垂直滾動格式,供用戶瀏覽其統計數據。YouTube Music的“My Year in Review”實際上只是精選品牌播放列表的一部分。
    ◎Spotify Wrapped提供的數據比其他兩個數據更深入。Apple Music Replay會顯示用戶的熱門歌曲,專輯,年度歌手,收聽每首歌曲的時間,收聽頻率以及其他一些詳細信息,而主要的YouTube Music (My Year in Review)播放列表只是一個匯總沒有年度統計的用戶最喜歡聽的歌曲中的歌曲。但是,Spotify Wrapped不僅可以引導用戶從歌曲,藝人和專輯,進行一系列分析之外,Spotify Wrapped還引入了一些元素,例如針對用戶的收聽者類型的徽章,“Missed Hits”播放列表。


    Following the successes of Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay, YouTube Music has rolled out a similar feature called My Year in Review.
    If you've been on social media lately, you've likely seen music fans posting about Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay, and/or the all-new YouTube Music My Year in Review. The features of the respective platforms are available at the end of the year and give users a way to look back at their listening habits for the last 12 months, give or take. Think of it as the user’s personal version of the Billboard Charts for the entire year, curated and presented to them.
    Giving music lovers a way to reflect on the music they've listened to most during the year is not only a nice end-of-year touch but can also give them insights and ideas for their listening going forward. Spotify and Apple have been offering this to users for a while with their Wrapped and Music Replay features. Now, YouTube is following in their footsteps, having introduced the YouTube Music My Year in Review tool to this effect.
    This sort of feature has proved popular and been widely discussed on social media, with people sharing screenshots of their most listened to songs of the year. It's evident that the successes of Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay are what inspired YouTube to also explore the idea. For users of YouTube Music, it's most welcome.
    While all three products revolve around the same fundamental idea, there are considerable differences in interface, information provided, and level of detail. Spotify was the first to come up with the idea, initially calling it 'Spotify Year in Review' in 2017. Following calls by Apple Music users for a similar feature, Apple introduced Music Replay in 2019.
    One of the distinct features of Spotify Wrapped is its engaging graphics and visual presentation. The interface is very colorful and replete with slick animation. Apple Music Replay, meanwhile, employs a vertical scrolling format for users to move through their stats, which is simple and clean if a little basic. YouTube Music's My Year in Review is really just a selection of branded playlists, so there's little in the way of design to delve into.
    Similarly, the data that Spotify Wrapped presents is much more in-depth compared to the other two. Apple Music Replay displays the user’s top songs, albums, artists of the year, time spent listening to each song, and frequency of listens, as well as a few other details, while the main YouTube Music My Year in Review playlist is simply a compilation of a user's most listened songs of the year with no accompanying stats. But Spotify Wrapped goes beyond that to walk the user through a range of analytics — everything from top songs, top artists, and top albums to where they rank among listeners of certain artists, when they first listened to a top song, and podcasts they've "marathoned".
    In addition to the most granular level of detail it has ever provided, Spotify Wrapped has also introduced elements like badges for the type of listener a user is, quizzes about their own listening habits, and a 'Missed Hits' playlist with songs similar to those they have been listening to. It's by far and away the most sophisticated of the end-of-year reviews. However, Apple Music Replay has started making inroads into providing a more fully-loaded competitor and YouTube Music surely won't want to be left too far behind now it's involved. These review features have become very popular among music lovers, so we can expect to see them all become bigger, better, and more eye-catching.