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  • StubHub向受紐約市大停電影響的客戶退款50萬美元




    ◎紐約市停電影響27場表演,其中25場取消,超過1500個StubHub訂單受到影響。Jennifer Lopez在麥迪遜廣場花園舉行的演唱會、Dave Chappelle在Lunt-Fontanne劇院的個人百老匯演出則是重新安排日期。StubHub的政策規定,如果節目被取消將提供全額退款。對於重新安排的節目,StubHub將告知客戶新的日期及他們的門票是否仍然有效。


    More than 1,500 ticket orders for 27 events were impacted with canceled or rescheduled events.

    StubHub has refunded more than $500,000 in ticket purchases to customers whose events were interrupted by Saturday's blackout in New York City, according to the company.

    The blackout saw 30 blocks of Manhattan lose power, impacting thousands of customers who had bought and sold tickets for 27 different music and theatre events from Broadway to Madison Square Garden.

    "StubHub has our customers' backs, and in the rare instances where something goes wrong, every ticket is 100% guaranteed by our FanProtect Guarantee," said StubHub vp global customer experience Daron Fowlks in a release. "Saturday's blackout in New York City was no exception. As soon as we learned of the events affected, our team kicked into action and alerted customers and provided an update on the situation and processed a full refund for the events that weren't rescheduled."

    Of the 27 events affected by the New York City blackout, 25 were canceled and not rescheduled with more than 1,500 StubHub orders impacted. Jennifer Lopez's concert at Madison Square Garden was rescheduled for Monday (July 15), while Dave Chappelle's solo Broadway show at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre will now occur Sunday, July 21. A StubHub rep notes that for customers who are not able to make Lopez's rescheduled show, the company will automatically waive its sell fee when they relist the tickets on the website.

    StubHub's policy states that the secondary ticketer will provide full refunds including all fees if a show is canceled. For rescheduled shows, StubHub will inform customers of the new date and if their tickets are still valid.