Super Hi-Fi獲得人工智能驅動MagicStitch串流技術的美國專利

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  • Super Hi-Fi獲得人工智能驅動MagicStitch串流技術的美國專利


    ◎人工智能驅動的音頻管理平台Super Hi-Fi於9月3日宣布,它已獲得美國專利商標局頒發的MagicStitch技術的廣泛關鍵專利,該技術能智慧拼接音樂和其他技術,提供無縫的聆聽體驗。
    ◎MagicStitch已被用於超級Hi-Fi合作夥伴的數十億歌曲和音頻轉換,其中包括Universal Music Group、iHeartMedia、Peloton和Associated Press。該技術透過利用人類DJ的專業知識對獨特的音頻特徵進行分類,以精確拼接音樂、新聞、氣象、廣告和其他節目。


    Artificial intelligence-powered audio curation platform Super Hi-Fi announced on Tuesday (Sept. 3) that it has been granted a broad and critical patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its MagicStitch technology, which “intelligently” stitches together music and other audio to eliminate dead silence between tracks and provide a more seamless listening experience.
    “Music services today are challenged to create a differentiated and compelling experience for their listeners,” said Super Hi-Fi co-founder and chief executive officer Zack Zalon in a statement. “The existing lack of original content, combined with noticeably jarring differences in audio levels and distracting transitions, results in a subpar experience for millions of listeners. It’s critical for streaming services to sonically distinguish themselves in order to remain viable. Super Hi-Fi’s platform empowers digital music providers to offer their customers a personalized, sonic experience that will drive engagement and enduring loyalty.”
    According to a press release, MagicStitch has already been used for billions of song and audio transitions for Super Hi-Fi’s partners, which include Universal Music Group, iHeartMedia, Peloton and the Associated Press. The technology works by sorting through trillions of unique audio characteristics “with the expertise of a human DJ” to deliver music, audio news, weather, ads and other programming in a precisely stitched-together flow.
    The company notes that it’s also expanding its back-end solutions to provide its partners access to fully-customizable graphical tools to “source, produce, tag, schedule, and deliver content” between songs. Those tools will be rolled out over the next few months.