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  • Superstruct娛樂背後的資本公司收購了巴塞隆納Sónar音樂節的多數股權


    ◎最近才透過Superstruct Entertainment投資了Sziget和Elrow兩大音樂節的美國投資公司Providence Equity Partners,收購了位於巴塞隆納的Advanced Music SL公司的多數股權,Advanced Music SL是主辦Sónar音樂節的公司。

    ◎據了解,Providence/Superstruct是在5月初完成了對Advanced Music的收購,就在巴賽隆納Sónar音樂節迄今為止最精彩的一屆的舉辦的一個多月前而已,今年是該音樂節的25週年,有126,000人前往參加。

    ◎Sónar前衛音樂及多媒體藝術節由Ricard Robles、Enric Palau和Sergi Caballero於1994年創立,至今已經發展成為歐洲最大的電子音樂和科技活動之一以及一個常設的機構。除了核心的音樂節,Sónar還舉辦了西班牙以外的活動,近幾年的Sónar品牌音樂節包括聖保羅(2015年)、智利聖地亞哥(2015年)、布宜諾斯艾利斯(2015年)、雷克雅未克(2015年)、波哥大(2016年)、香港(2017年)和伊斯坦堡(2017年)。

    ◎Superstruct由執行長James Barton領導,他是Creamfields音樂節的創始人和Live Nation電子音樂部門前總裁。財務長Paul Bedford是主辦Boardmasters、Field Day、 SW4等音樂節的Impresario Festivals的前任財務總監,現任Edition Capital的非執行主席。而董事長Michael Bolingbroke之前曾擔任過太陽馬戲團的資深副總裁、曼徹斯特聯隊營運長及國際米蘭執行長。這家當時未透露名字的公司在1月因為突然收購了匈牙利重要音樂節Sziget的多數股權而登上頭條新聞,隨後又在2月與西班牙的音樂節主辦商Elrow達成投資協議。

    ◎Providence稱自己是「全球私募股權和信貸投資公司,管理著570億美元的資本」。在其投資組合中的其他公司包括華納音樂集團、大使劇院集團、展覽主辦商Clarion Events及大學體育行銷公司Learfield。

    ◎Advanced Music和Providence都拒絕對這筆投資發表評論,該投資最初是在3月份達成的。


    Providence Equity Partners – the US investment firm which has, through Superstruct Entertainment, recently invested in Sziget and Elrow – has acquired a majority stake in Advanced Music SL, the Barcelona-based company behind the Sónar festivals.

    IQ understands Providence/Superstruct completed its majority acquisition of Advanced Music in early May, just over a month before Sónar Barcelona celebrated its best year to date, welcoming 126,000 people to the city for its 25th anniversary event.

    Sónar was founded in 1994 by Ricard Robles, Enric Palau and Sergi Caballero as the Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, and has since grown to become one of Europe's largest electronic music and tech events, and a Barcelona institution. In addition to the core festival, Sónar has also hosted events outside Spain, with recent Sónar-branded festivals including São Paulo (2015) Santiago, Chile (2015), Buenos Aires (2015), Reykjavik (2015), Bogota (2016), Hong Kong (2017) and Istanbul (2017).

    Superstruct is led by CEO James Barton, the founder of Creamfields and former president of electronic music at Live Nation; CFO Paul Bedford, formerly financial director of Impresario Festivals (Boardmasters, Field Day, SW4) and currently non-executive chairman of Edition Capital; and chairman Michael Bolingbroke, formerly SVP of shows at Cirque du Soleil, COO of Manchester United and CEO of Inter Milan.

    The then-unnamed company made headlines in January with its surprise acquisition of a majority stake in Hungarian festival mainstay Sziget, which was followed in February by an investment agreement with Spanish party promoter Elrow.

    Providence describes itself as a "global private-equity and credit investment firm with $57bn in capital under management". Other portfolio companies include Warner Music Group, Ambassador Theatre Group, exhibition organiser Clarion Events and college-sports marketing agency Learfield.

    Both Advanced Music and Providence declined to comment on the investment, which was originally agreed in March.

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