Symphonic Distribution推出影視同步配樂授權部門Bodega Sync

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  • Symphonic Distribution推出影視同步配樂授權部門Bodega Sync


    ◎總部位於美國的音樂發行暨廠牌服務公司Symphonic Distribution以名為Bodega Sync的影視同步配樂授權部門擴展其分銷和廠牌服務。

    ◎除了作為獨立的全方位服務影視同步配樂授權代理商之外,Bodega還將成為Symphonic的影視同步配樂授權部門。Bodega的辦公室設在Symphonic的布魯克林辦事處,由版權界的資深人士Jon Mizrachi領導擔任總監,他之前曾在Carlin America音樂出版社工作過。



    US-based music distribution / label services company Symphonic Distribution has extended its distribution and label services with a sync licensing division called Bodega Sync.

    In addition to being a standalone full-service sync licensing agency, Bodega will also serve as the sync licensing arm of Symphonic.

    Based out of Symphonic's Brooklyn offices, Bodega is headed up by creative licensing veteran Jon Mizrachi, Director of Sync Licensing.

    Mizrachi previously worked for Carlin America music publishing.

    Bodega's expanding roster currently features primarily indie rock, pop, hip hop, and electronic artists.

    Mizrachi said: "Our immediate goal is to continue to grow our roster, sign some marquis artists and work towards becoming a go-to fixture within the music supervision community.

    "We also hope that Bodega becomes an avenue for great new artists and labels to sign with Symphonic for distribution and marketing."

    In September 2018 Symphonic bolstered its marketing team in New York with three new hires.


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