Taylor Swift以1.85億美元榮登富比世收入最高名人冠軍

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  • Taylor Swift以1.85億美元榮登富比世收入最高名人冠軍


    ◎富比世雜誌公布年度最高收入藝人名單,Taylor Swift在2019年的收入估計為1.85億美元,為年度最高收入藝人,這是她第二次拿下第一,前一次是2016年。

    ◎富比世指出,Taylor Swift的2018年《Reputation》巡迴演出創下2.661億美元票房,是美國歷史上最高的,同時也受益於與環球音樂旗下的Republic唱片的新合約及環球音樂出售其Spotify股份的收益分享。

    ◎去年名列榜首的Kylie Jenner,今年以1.7億美元排名第2,歌手Kanye West以1.5億美元排在第3,Ed Sheeran賺1.1億美元為第5,The Eagles樂團以1億美元排名第8。運動員在前10名中佔據4個位置,分別是排名第4的Lionel Messi、排名第6的Cristiano Ronaldo、排名第7的Neymar和排名第10的Canelo Alvarez。電影明星都沒有進入前10名,Dwayne Johnson排在第15位;排在第9位的Dr. Phil McGraw是前10名中唯一的電視明星,收入9500萬美元。


    Whatever bad blood Taylor Swift may have with former associates, her credit is certainly good. Swift tops Forbes' Celebrity 100, the magazine's annual list of top-paid entertainers, with estimated 2019 earnings of $185 million. It's the second time she's come in at No. 1 — after she previously led the pack for 2016 — making Swift the first music artist to take the Forbes lead twice.

    Forbes noted that Swift's 2018 "Reputation" stadium trek was the highest grossing tour in U.S. history at $266.1 million, and also that the artist benefitted from a new deal with Universal's Republic label and the sharing of proceeds from Universal's sale of its Spotify stake.

    Speaking of sharing, Swift shares the upper ranks of the list with an intermittent nemesis, Kanye West, coming in at No. 3 with $150 million. Landing the spot between these two musicians at No. 2 is Kylie Jenner, who hauled an estimated $170 million; Jenner topped the list last year. At No. 5, the rankings return to Swift allies with Ed Sheeran, her former opening act and duet partner, who earned $110 million.

    The Eagles accounted for a third musical chair in the top 10, coming in at No. 8 with an estimated income of $100 million.

    Athletes accounted for four spots in the top 10: Lionel Messi at No. 4, Cristiano Ronaldo at No. 6, Neymar at No. 7 and Canelo Alvarez at No. 10.

    No film personalities made the top 10. Dwayne Johnson is the first actor to come up on the list, at No. 15. Dr. Phil McGraw was the sole TV star in the top 10, in at No. 9 with $95 million.

    Others making the top 20 included Roger Federer, Howard Stern (No. 12, with $93 million), J.K. Rowling (No. 13, with $92 million), Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, LeBron James, Rush Limbaugh, Elton John (No. 19, with $84 million), and Jay-Z and Beyonce (tied at No. 20 through marriage and business alliances, with an estimated $81 million each).