Taylor Swift分享更多專輯詳情、日期

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  • Taylor Swift分享更多專輯詳情、日期


    ◎Taylor Swift最近在ABC電視台的《Good Morning America》演出中,提到有關重新錄製自己過去六張專輯的新細節。
    ◎被問及重新錄製她在Big Machine廠牌的暢銷專輯計劃時,Taylor Swift證實了個計畫、而且感到非常興奮。她的合約從2020年11月開始,可以開始重新錄製自己的第一到第五張專輯所有歌曲。她認為藝人擁有自己的作品非常重要,明年的她將會很忙。
    ◎Taylor Swift將重新錄製她的前6張專輯(第六張需等到2022年才符合合約規定),起因於她與前東家Big Machine的爭執,Big Machine握有她的原始母帶。


    During an interview and performance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday, Taylor Swift offered new details about her plan to re-record songs from her past six albums.
    “Something that’s very special to me about this album is it’s the first one that I will own,” she said about her Friday release “Lover.”
    Asked about plans to re-record her Big Machine hit albums Swift said, “Yeah that’s true and it’s something I’m very excited about. My contract says starting from November 2020 I can start re-recording albums 1-5. I think artists deserve to own their own work. It’s next year, I’m gonna be busy.”
    Adding, "I think it’s important for artists to own their work.”
    Confirmation that Swift "absolutely" will rerecord her first 6 albums came in an interview for CBS Sunday morning set to air this weekend. Her statements are part of a very public feud with her former label Big Machine, which controls her original masters.