Taylor Swift在演唱會上使用臉部識別技術來找出潛在的跟蹤狂

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  • Taylor Swift在演唱會上使用臉部識別技術來找出潛在的跟蹤狂

    ◎最近的報導稱,Taylor Swift於5月18日在Rose Bowl的演唱會上使用臉部識別技術來找出潛在的跟蹤狂。

    ◎根據Rolling Stone雜誌的說法,臉部識別攝影機被放置在一個多媒體機台裡,該機台表面上是在播放Taylor Swift《Reputation》巡演的排練片段。根據娛樂設施公司Oak View集團的安全主管Mike Downing的說法,當訪客觀看影片時,他們臉部的快照會被發送到納許維爾的「指揮中心」,在那裡他們會與Taylor Swift的已知跟蹤狂進行交叉比對;Mike Downing受到製造商的邀請出席觀摩該系統,他向Rolling Stone表示「所有經過的人都會停下來盯著它看,該軟體就會開始工作。

    ◎現場活動中使用臉部識別技術不是新鮮事,但現在使用的越來越多。消息人士稱紐約著名場館麥迪遜廣場花園已經在其活動中悄然啟用,今年早些時候,在以大量使用臉部識別而聞名的中國,一名「經濟犯罪」男子在現場演出活動中被識別出來而被逮捕。同時也已知票務平台巨頭Ticketmaster正在研究臉部識別軟體,而臉部識別初創公司Blink Identity則擁有包括Live Nation在內的投資者。


    The use of facial recognition at live events has become public with the recent report that it was used at Taylor Swift's Rose Bowl concert on May 18th to spot potential stalkers.

    A facial recognition camera was placed into a kiosk that ostensibly displayed rehearsal clips of Taylor's Reputation tour, according to Rolling Stone.

    As visitors viewed the video clips, snapshots of their faces were sent to a Nashville "command post" where they were cross-referenced with Taylor's known stalkers, according to Mike Downing, chief security officer of Oak View Group. Downing was in attendance, invited by the manufacturer to view the system.

    "Everybody who went by would stop and stare at it, and the software would start working," Downing told RS.

    Facial recognition at events is not new, but is increasing. Sources say that Madison Square Garden has been quietly implementing it at events and, earlier this year in a country known for heavy use of facial recognition, a man was busted at a China event for "economic crimes." Meanwhile, Ticketmaster has been known to be working on facial recognition software while facial recognition startup Blink Identity has investors including Live Nation.

    The news item appears as it is reported that the Reputation tour will emerge as a Netflix special on New Year's Eve.