Taylor Swift新專輯《Lover》預購破百萬張

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  • Taylor Swift新專輯《Lover》預購破百萬張


    ◎有人忘了告訴Taylor Swift,一般的音樂和專輯已不再熱賣。根據Republic Records統計,她離開舊東家Big Machine後的第一張發行專輯《Lover》,銷售破100萬張。
    ◎Republic Records的創始人兼主席Monte Lipman告訴Variety,對這張專輯的期待是非凡的,預售量在全球迅速接近100萬張。Nielsen Music表示,兩年前Spotify和Apple Music占美國音樂消費總量的54%,如今佔80%。
    ◎Taylor Swift的2017年專輯《Reputation》,是最後一張發行首週在美國銷售破百萬張專輯。


    Someone forgot to tell Taylor Swift that music in general and albums, in particular, don't sell anymore. By Friday's release date, her first post-Big Machine release "Lover" will have sold over 1 million copies, according to new label Republic.
    “The anticipation of this album is extraordinary, with pre-sales quickly approaching one million copies globally,” Monte Lipman, founder and chairman of Republic Records, tells Variety.
    Two years ago, Spotify and Apple Music accounted for 54% of total US music consumption, according to Nielsen Music. Now, that share is 80%.
    Taylor Swift’s 2017 album “Reputation” was the last album to sell a million copies in the U.S. in its opening week.