Taylor Swift與Big Machine的合約將到期,她可以成為獨立藝人或談成史上最大的一筆合約

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  • Taylor Swift與Big Machine的合約將到期,她可以成為獨立藝人或談成史上最大的一筆合約


    ◎Taylor Swift與她目前的唱片廠牌Big Machine的合約將於11月結束。這意味著這位超級明星藝人正面對著她自15歲進入音樂產業以來的第一筆唱片合約簽署。目前正值音樂產業復甦之際,Taylor Swift應該可以談成一筆史上最賺錢的錄音交易之一。
    ◎憑藉她的第6張專輯《Reputation》已經成為她連續第3張的白金銷售專輯(之前的5張專輯每張銷量都在600萬張至1000萬張之間),以及她的體育館等級巡演每一場都售罄賺進數百萬美元,Taylor Swift的超級巨星地位繼續攀升。根據Variety的報導,現在她準備在11月她對Big Machine唱片和執行長Scott Borchetta的義務結束之後成為無經紀人的狀態。
    ◎Taylor Swift幾乎一定會重新加入環球音樂集團旗下的Big Machine廠牌,但顯然她有能力在廠牌間的競價戰爭之中討價還價。Variety表示,因為Big Machine擁有她的錄音作品的母帶,因此她很可能會談判要在新的合約協議中擁有她之後新作品的權利,或者試圖讓Big Machine以把錄音權利轉讓給她來換取她繼續留在該廠牌。一位消息人士告訴Variety,Big Machine從Taylor Swift這位旗艦級藝人身上獲得的收入佔該公司收入的80%。
    ◎Taylor Swift的其他選項包括創建她自己的廠牌,或是與環球音樂集團系統內的另一個廠牌簽約,當然也可以就直接改去其他唱片公司。


    Taylor Swift's contract with label Big Machine ends in November. That means that the superstar artist is on the cusp of signing her first record deal since she came on the scene at age 15. At a time when the industry is undergoing a resurgence, Swift could cut one of the most lucrative recording deals in history.
    Swift’s superstardom continues to climb, with her sixth album, Reputation, streaking to triple platinum (the previous five have each sold between 6 million to 10 million copies) and her stadium tour making millions of dollars at each sold-out stop. Now she is prepared to become a free agent in November when her obligation to Big Machine Records and CEO Scott Borchetta runs out, according to Variety.
    Swift may certainly re-up with Big Machine, a Universal Music Group label, but clearly she has the bargaining power to pit a bidding war between labels.
    Big Machine owns the masters of her recordings so she will likely negotiate to own her new material in her next deal or attempt to have Big Machine sign the recordings over to her in return for staying with the label, Variety noted. A source told the trade mag that Big Machine obtains 80% of its income from its flagship artist.
    Other options include creating her own label, signing with another label inside the UMG system or, obviously, to head elsewhere.