The Orchard在日本推出,開設東京辦事處

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  • The Orchard在日本推出,開設東京辦事處


    ◎Sony的獨立音樂發行和藝人品牌服務公司The Orchard正擴展到日本,這是全球第二大音樂市場。日本辦事處將由Orchard的日本副總裁Yuuki Kaneko領導,他曾在Amazon Japan和Tower Records Japan的音樂團隊工作過。
    ◎Orchard Japan將為日本唱片公司、管理公司和藝人,提供音樂發行和一系列服務,使他們能夠獲得本土和全球的機會。它還將提供國際獨立音樂實體與串流服務,以進入日本音樂市場。


    Sony's independent music distribution and artist and label services company The Orchard is expanding into Japan, the second-largest music market in the world.
    The fully-staffed base of operations in Japan will be led by Yuuki Kaneko, The Orchard’s vice president, Japan, who previously worked on the music team at Amazon Japan and for Tower Records Japan.
    The Orchard Japan will offer music distribution and a suite of services to Japanese labels, management companies and artists, giving them access to both local and global opportunities. It also will provide international independent repertoire, extensive digital and physical service offerings for access to the Japanese music market.
    Brad Navin, CEO of The Orchard, said: “We are excited to enter the Japanese market and have Yuuki and the Tokyo team working with independent labels and artists to embrace the opportunities offered by Japan’s ongoing shift to streaming. Yuuki’s substantial knowledge of both the digital and physical business within Japan will help us deliver on our goal of having local support in every key part of the world, led by people who have a firm grasp on the region’s strengths and deeply understand the music culture and industry. This expansion gives even greater reach to our global market solution for discovering music, reaching untapped audiences and advancing consumption.”
    Kaneko added: “I am honored to lead the company’s efforts in showcasing Japanese artists and labels worldwide. The Orchard Japan is in a position to bring the Japanese music community to new heights on a global scale, using transparent analytics from our proprietary technology to grow and develop The Orchard’s international roster within the territory.”
    The Orchard currently operates a global network of more than 40 offices in cities including Taipei, Seoul, Warsaw, Madrid, Nashville, Sydney, Moscow, Copenhagen, Milan and Barcelona among others.