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  • Ticketfly的駭客事件讓Eventbrite面臨了一項集體訴訟


    ◎在該起於芝加哥提出針對Eventbrite的集體訴訟中,原告Shanice Kloss的律師指控該公司因疏忽而違反了合約,未能妥善保護用戶的個人資訊。Shanice Kloss聲稱,Ticketfly未能「實施合理的數據隱私及網路安全措施」以保護用戶數據,並且沒有通知用戶他們的個人資訊已經「在合理的時長內已向惡意的駭客披露」。



    Eventbrite is facing a class-action lawsuit in the wake of a highly publicized hack of the company's Ticketfly subsidiary that crippled dozens of major concert promoters and venues for days and compromised the data of 27 million users.

    In a class action lawsuit brought against Eventbrite in Chicago, attorneys for plaintiff Shanice Kloss accused the company failing to properly protect user's personal information, breach of contract, and negligence.

    Kloss alleged that Ticketfly failed to "implement reasonable data privacy and cybersecurity measures to secure" user data, and of failing to notify users that their personal information had been "disclosed to nefarious hackers within a reasonable period of time."

    The case stems from a high profile data compromise that knocked Ticketfly offline for the better part of a week in late May 2018 and exposed personal information including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of an estimated 27 million users, according to Ticketfly.

    Through the suit, the plaintiff is seeking statutory and compensatory damages, for Eventbrite to provide fraud monitoring and mitigation services, and the implementation of "commercially reasonable" security measures to prevent future data intrusions.

    Eventbrite acquired Ticketfly from Pandora in 2017 for a reported $200 million.

    The company did not respond to a request for comment.