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  • Ticketmaster數百人被迫休假


    ◎根據多個消息來源,Live Nation擁有的Ticketmaster,北美數百名員工休假。這是Live Nation集團公司的首次真正裁員。
    ◎「Live Nation SEC」在4月13日提交的文件中概述了一項計劃,該計劃將透過減少外包,租金重新談判,休假以及減少或消除其他可自由支配的支出,在2020年節省5億美元,如今就傳出,Ticketmaster北美數百名員工休假,形同裁員。


    UPDATED: Live Nation-owned Ticketmaster furloughed hundreds of employees across North America on Wednesday, according to multiple sources
    These are the first real cuts across the Live Nation group of companies.
    An April 13th Live Nation SEC filing had broadly outlined a plan to save $500 million in 2020 through “the reduction in the use of contractors, rent re-negotiations, furloughs, and reduction or elimination of other discretionary spending.”
    The staffers will reportedly receive 2-3 weeks severance pay and have their health insurance covered indefinitely. “These are critical employees and we plan to bring everyone back,” a source told Billboard’s Dave Brooks who first broke the story.