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  • Ticketmaster與三星的語音控制合作來發掘和購買演唱會門票

    ◎Ticketmaster與三星的Siri式虛擬助手Bixby合作,使用語音技術來發掘和購買演唱會門票。由Ticketmaster的API提供支援,潛在的門票購買者現在可以使用他們的聲音和三星Galaxy Note9智慧型手機,以藝人或團隊以及活動地點或日期來搜尋活動。

    ◎用戶可以用聲音說出像是「Hi Bixby,找出在洛杉磯舉辦的演唱會門票」或「Hi Bixby,本週末在紐約有什麼體育賽事?」等語句,Bixby將根據Ticketmaster平台上的資料提供搜尋結果,確認用戶的訂單詳情並完成購買。

    ◎Ticketmaster近來與各種第三方應用程式如串流媒體服務、電子商務網站和全球社群平台進行整合,包括Facebook、Spotify、Groupon、BandsinTown、YouTube等等,這次與三星的整合是其中最新的一個。在Bixby上發掘和購買Ticketmaster的門票服務目前只有在北美提供,且只能應用在三星Galaxy Note9手機上。


    "Bixby, how do I get tickets?" Ticketmaster has partnered with Bixby, Samsung's Siri-like virtual assistant, to enable discovery and purchase of concert tickets using voice tech.

    Powered by Ticketmaster's API, would-be ticket purchasers can now use their voice and their Samsung Galaxy Note9 to search for events by artists or teams, and location or event dates.

    Users can ask Bixby "Hi Bixby, find concert tickets in Los Angeles" or "Hi Bixby, what sporting events are happening in New York this weekend?" and Bixby will provide results based on Ticketmaster's availability, confirm their order details and finalize their purchase.

    "Ticketmaster is constantly looking for new ways to make it easy for fans to discover events and buy tickets, and voice is an exciting technology," said Jared Smith, President of Ticketmaster. "By opening our platform over the past several years, Ticketmaster has greatly expanded our inventory's reach and we've built a best-in-class list of third-party partners. Bixby offers yet another avenue for fans to tap into the largest selection of live events available. We're excited about this partnership with Samsung because fans will see a personalized experience based on the artists, teams and events that they love the most."

    This integration is the latest in a long line of Ticketmaster partnerships with a wide range of third-party apps like streaming services, e-commerce sites and global social platforms, including Facebook, Spotify, Groupon, BandsinTown, YouTube, and more.

    Discovering and buying tickets with Ticketmaster on Bixby is available in North America, and is currently live on the Samsung Galaxy Note9.