TIDAL推出針對新興藝人的百萬美元獎助計劃TIDAL Unplugged

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  • TIDAL推出針對新興藝人的百萬美元獎助計劃TIDAL Unplugged


    ◎TIDAL和贊助人Mark Lampert及Robert Nelsen宣布推出TIDAL Unplugged,這是一項針對新興藝人的百萬美元獎助計劃,款項由Mark Lampertt和Robert Nelsen捐贈,將於3月在底特律推出。當地藝人可以透過TIDAL提交他們的音樂,以獲得百萬美元中部分的獎金。

    ◎作為一個由藝人擁有的串流媒體平台,TIDAL經由其TIDAL Rising計劃展示了新興藝人的才華。TIDAL Unplugged則是成功的風險資本家Mark Lampertt和Robert Nelsen希望為藝人提供的追求夢想的方式,兩人都在他們的風險資本領域之外有著悠久的慈善事業歷史。

    ◎從3月1日開始,底特律居民可以在TIDAL的網站上申請。該計畫鼓勵所有音樂類型的藝人提交,但音樂必須以阿卡貝拉或原聲的方式表演且不得嚴重依賴數位元素。決賽選手將於5月公佈;在底特律試運行後,TIDAL的目標是將該計劃擴展到其他市場。被選出的藝人將與TIDAL Unplugged團隊合作,創建個人化的計劃以涵蓋進一步推動其音樂生涯所需的資源。該補助款可以涵蓋生活費、設備、錄音室時間等,以及獲得專業指導的錄音和創意資源。與TIDAL合作並利用其所提供的資源,決賽選手將發展完成4首歌曲並發行。一旦曲目完成,將在TIDAL上獨家首播並通過其TIDAL Rising計劃獲得推廣。藝人將保有錄音母帶的完全所有權。進入決賽者還將在11月的TIDAL Unplugged演唱會中表演他們的歌曲。


    TIDAL and benefactors Mark Lampert and Robert Nelsen today announced the launch of TIDAL Unplugged, a million dollar grant program for emerging artists. Funded by a donation from Lampert and Nelsen, TIDAL Unplugged will launch in Detroit in March.

    Local artists will can submit their music through TIDAL to receive part of the million dollar grant.

    As an artist-owned streaming platform, TIDAL has worked to showcase new artists talent with its TIDAL Rising program. TIDAL Unplugged is a realization of successful venture capitalists Lampert and Nelsen's desire to provide artists with the means to pursue their dream. Both have a long history of philanthropy outside of their venture capital endeavors and supporting TIDAL Unplugged is a personal touch point as music has always been a passion.

    "The TIDAL Rising program is incredibly special to everyone at TIDAL – from the interns to the artist-owners -- we recognize the power of streaming and the importance of supporting and encouraging emerging musicians," said Jason Kpana, TIDAL SVP of Artist Relations. "Being able to expand the program to support musicians in an authentic and substantial way is truly an honor."

    How TIDAL Unplugged Works

    Beginning March 1, Detroit residents can apply on TIDAL.com/Unplugged. Artists from all genres are encouraged to submit, but music must be performed acapella or acoustically and must not rely heavily on digital elements. The finalists will be announced in May. Following a pilot run in Detroit, TIDAL aims to expand the program into other markets.

    The artists chosen will each work with the TIDAL Unplugged team to create a personalized program aimed to cover resources needed to further their musical career. The grant can cover living expenses, equipment, studio time, and more as well as access to expertly guided recording and creative resources.

    Working with TIDAL and utilizing the resources provided, the finalists will develop and finish four songs for distribution. Once the tracks are complete, they will exclusively premiere on TIDAL and receive promotion through its TIDAL Rising program. Artists will maintain 100% ownership of recording masters. As part of TIDAL's mission to support rising artists with unique opportunities to grow their fan bases, the finalists will perform their songs in a TIDAL Unplugged showcase in November.