Tidal推出 (My Video Mix) 個性化播放清單

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  • Tidal推出 (My Video Mix) 個性化播放清單


    ◎串流媒體服務Tidal宣布,發布個性化的視頻播放清單,名為 (My Video Mix),它將根據用戶的視頻和音頻串流媒體習慣提供視頻。Tidal所說的播放清單來自於Tidal的專業編輯團隊的人工策劃,每天都會提供新的播放清單。
    ◎ Tidal表示,(My Video Mix) 與(My Mix)非常相似,將提供多達八個不同的精選播放清單,這些清單會根據使用串流服務的頻率進行更新,(My Video Mix)可以離線保存。Tidal表示,平台上託管超過250,000個音樂視頻。
    ◎(My Video Mix)現已在Tidal上可用。


    Tidal has launched a personalized video playlist called My Video Mix that will serve up videos based on both the users' video and audio streaming habits, the streaming service announced today. The algorithmic-based playlist — which Tidal says is "influenced by human-curation from TIDAL's expert editorial team" — follows up My Mix, Tidal's Discover Weekly playlist competitor which serves up new personalized audio-only playlists every day.
    Much like My Mix, My Video Mix will provide up to eight distinct, curated playlists, which Tidal says will be refreshed based on how often the streaming service is used. My Video Mix can also be saved offline and Tidal says its refreshing its app with a video tab to highlight the over 250,000 music videos it hosts on the platform.
    "From original content, to full-length movies and stunning visuals from artists in its unparalleled video catalog, Tidal provides its members with a well-rounded music experience," Lior Tibon, Tidal's COO said in a statement. "My Video Mix and the app redesign reaffirms TIDAL's commitment to create a best-in-class experience for members."
    My Video Mix is available now on Tidal.