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  • Tidal正推出針對視頻的免費套餐


    ◎Tidal一向提供付費音樂串流媒體服務,但現在它提供一個免費的服務,稱為《Tidal Access》:聽眾仍然需要為音樂音頻付費,《Tidal Access》則將專注於視頻頻道。
    ◎目前《Tidal Access》似乎僅限美國使用。多年來,Tidal已在視頻內容上進行了大量投資,因此這可能是一種用於促銷目的,以吸引更多潛在訂戶訂閱其服務。Tidal這項新服務將不受廣告支持,因此,完全是關於吸引客戶,而不是Tidal的新收入來源。


    Tidal has always (trials aside) been a premium-only music streaming service, but now it’s getting a free tier called Tidal Access. Not for music audio, however: listeners will still need to pay for that. Instead, Tidal Access will focus on linear video channels, with a sprinkling of on-demand access too.
    “The new free tier will offer four different channels worth of videos: performances, documentaries, conversations and spotlight, the latter of which will be curated by Tidal’s editors and feature selections of its best content from the past several years,” reported Billboard.
    For now, Tidal Access appears to be a US-only feature. Tidal has invested in a fair amount of video content over the years, so this may be a good way to make use of it for promotional purposes, to lure more potential subscribers into its service. The report suggested that the new tier will not be ad-supported, so it’s entirely about customer acquisition rather than a new revenue stream for Tidal.