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  • TIDAL現在已可以在Samsung的穿戴裝置上使用




    TIDAL is now available on Samsung Wearable devices.

    The TIDAL app for Samsung Wearables is the streaming company's first integration with wearable technology.

    It also expands TIDAL'S partnership with Samsung following the recent launch of TIDAL's Samsung Smart TV App.

    Additionally, new TIDAL users signing up from their device will be able to access a 3-month free trial.

    TIDAL claims that there are more wearable device integrations to come.

    "Our continued partnership with Samsung allows users to have a best-in-class streaming experience across all devices," said Lior Tibon, TIDAL COO.

    "Each device's interface is customized with accessibility and ease of use, and we know TIDAL will seamlessly integrate into user's everyday lives."

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