TikTok獲得(David Guetta)和(Sia)的新歌《Let's Love》的五天首播

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  • TikTok獲得(David Guetta)和(Sia)的新歌《Let's Love》的五天首播


    ◎TikTok的高層鬆了一口氣,因為一則音樂報導成為頭條新聞,而且無關該公司在美國的潛在銷售禁令。TikTok獲得(David Guetta)和(Sia)新單曲《Let's Love》的五天首播,這是該應用程式如何發展為音樂行銷平台的指標。
    ◎《Let's Love》將於9月11日在串流媒體發布,但從7日起,TikTok用戶可以進行15秒的編輯以製作視頻。(David Guetta)透過他的官方TikTok,舉行#LetsLove挑戰賽,這是TikTok在歌曲正式發行之前引人注目的例子之一,希望發行前掀起瘋傳,可觀察唱片公司是否投入行銷預算,以吸引應用程式上的流行影響者加入挑戰。
    ◎應用分析公司(Sensor Tower)指出,TikTok用戶在2020年前八個月,在應用程式購買貨幣上花費5.92億美元,向最喜歡的創作者發小費,這數字幾乎佔全球App Store娛樂類應用所產生的30億美元的五分之一。Sensor Tower還認為,TikTok是8月份全球應用程式內收入最高的應用程式,產生8810萬美元的收入,比YouTube(8390萬美元)高,通常這兩個數字都還不包括廣告收入。
    ◎Sensor Tower同時提供一些有關Resso增長的數據,Resso是TikTok的母公司ByteDance推出的音樂串流媒體應用。Sensor Tower估計,Resso在印度7月和8月被下載290萬次,比Amazon Music(200萬)多,僅次於YouTube Music(430萬),Spotify(440萬),JioSaavn(950萬)和Gaana(1150萬)。


    A moment of relief for TikTok executives: a music story making headlines, rather than the latest revelation about the company’s potential sale or ban in the US. TikTok is getting a “five-day premiere” of the new single from David Guetta and Sia, and it’s a useful pointer to how the app is developing as a platform for music marketing.
    ‘Let’s Love’ comes out on Friday (11 September) on streaming services, but a 15-second edit will be available for TikTok users to make videos with from today, as part of an official #LetsLove challenge that’s being promoted by Guetta through his TikTok profile. “Can we go over difficult times together? Use the #letslove to show us how you stay positive: fitness, dance, drawing… it’s your time to shine,” is how the challenge words it.
    It’s one of the most high-profile examples of a track (or rather, a portion of it) being made available on TikTok before its official release date, with the aim of whipping up the kind of virality that will generate an early spike in streams elsewhere come Friday. We’ll see today whether the label (or, indeed, TikTok itself) is putting some marketing budget into getting popular influencers on the app to join the challenge.
    Elsewhere in TikTok-land, app analytics firm Sensor Tower has put out some new estimates on its business. It claims that TikTok users spent $592m in the first eight months of 2020 on in-app purchases of ‘coins’ to tip their favourite creators – a figure that includes purchases made on TikTok’s Chinese version Douyin.
    “This figure represents nearly one-fifth of the $3 billion generated by apps in the entertainment category on the App Store globally,” it added. Sensor Tower also reckons that TikTok was the most lucrative app in the world for in-app spending in August, generating $88.1m ahead of YouTube ($83.9m). The usual caveat: neither figure includes advertising revenue.
    Meanwhile, the analytics firm also provided some figures to India’s Economic Times about the growth of Resso, the music streaming app launched by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance. Sensor Tower estimates it was downloaded 2.9m times in India across the months of July and August. That’s more than Amazon Music (2m) but behind YouTube Music (4.3m), Spotify (4.4m), JioSaavn (9.5m) and Gaana (11.5m).