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    ◎TikTok向合法音樂服務的過渡向前邁出了一大步,今天宣布與「The National Music Publishers’ Association」(NMPA)達成了一項多年協議。這項追溯協議使(NMPA)成員可以選擇加入許可框架,該框架將為2020年5月1日之前的使用付費。此外,Tik Tok宣布簽署獨立音樂集團Believe及其Tunecore子公司。
    ◎(NMPA)總裁兼執行長(David Israelite)表示,很高興為TikTok找到前進的道路,這將使詞曲作者和發行商受益,並為他們的工作提供重要補償。音樂是TikTok的重要組成部分,同時也為經典歌曲注入新的活力。該協議尊重創作者的工作,並為他們對平台的重要貢獻提供了報酬。
    ◎TikTok全球音樂總監(Ole Obermann)表示,與(NMPA)合作,將其會員加入該平台,並幫助數以億計的人們發現並欣賞他們的歌曲,通過獨特的創作和參與方式來吸引全球受眾。



    TikTok’s transition to legitimate music service took a major step forward with today’s announcement of a multi-year deal with The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA).
    This retroactive deal gives NMPA members the ability to opt-in to a licensing framework that will pay for usage dating back to May 1, 2020.
    Yesterday, Tik Tok announced the signing of indie music group Believe and its Tunecore subsidiary.
    David Israelite, President & CEO of NMPA, said, “We are pleased to find a way forward with TikTok which benefits songwriters and publishers and offers them critical compensation for their work. Music is an important part of apps like TikTok which merge songs with expression and popularize new music while also giving new life to classic songs. This agreement respects the work of creators and gives them a way to be paid for their essential contributions to the platform.”
    Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music at TikTok, said, “TikTok is proud to partner with music publishers and songwriters to enable artist and song discovery, and support revenue opportunities. We’re excited to partner with the NMPA to bring their member companies on to the platform and help hundreds of millions of people discover and enjoy their songs. We look forward to continuing to work with songwriters to help them use TikTok as a powerful and innovative channel to reach a global audience through a unique format of creation and engagement.”