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  • Triller的共同所有者表示,每月有6500萬活躍用戶


    ◎最新的官方數據來自共同所有者(Ryan Kavanaugh)在(Fast Company)的介紹。他指出,Triller現在每月有6500萬活躍用戶,到目前為止,其應用程序下載量為2.31億。尷尬的是,這比Triller在8月初發布的2.5億下載量數字要低。(Fast Company)文章還暗示,Triller將結束其新的2.5億美元融資,並正透過與“特殊目的收購公司”(SPAC),合併進行上市的想法。(SPAC)目前是美國頗受歡迎的策略。


    Short-video app Triller’s user numbers have been a matter of some debate in recent months. Some app analytics companies have published markedly lower estimates than Triller’s official figures, with the company claiming that the problem is with their tracking.
    The latest official stat came from co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh in an entertaining profile by Fast Company. He said that Triller now has 65 million monthly active users, and 231m downloads of its app so far. Awkwardly, that’s lower than the 250m downloads figure press released by Triller at the start of August. The Fast Company piece also suggested that Triller is finally closing its new $250m funding round, and is exploring the idea of going public by merging with a ‘special purpose acquisition company’ (SPAC) – currently a popular tactic in the US.