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  • Triller聲稱,在美國有2650萬用戶,比TikTok更大


    ◎同時,公告中列出的新投資者包括:(Snoop Dogg),(The Weeknd),(Marshmello),(Lil Wayne),(Kendrick Lamar),(Tyga),(Juice WRLD)。


    Social music-video app Triller has announced a swathe of new artist investors; launched full-song in-app streaming; and trumpeted a new milestone of 26.5 million monthly active users (MAUs).
    The latter is a big surprise, because it’s less than two months since Triller announced that it had 13 million MAUs. That’s mightily quick for an established app to more than double its active userbase. The press release this week goes as far as to claim Triller is now “overtaking TikTok in the United States” with that MAU total. Earlier this year TikTok said that it had 26.5 million MAUs in the US.
    As for Triller’s new streaming feature, it will enable users to stream full-length songs within its app, as well as creating playlists. “Setting a new precedent, Triller allows artists and publishers to receive full stream credit when a video goes viral, with streams counted directly on Triller,” claimed its announcement – again, cocking a snook fairly obviously at TikTok.
    Meanwhile, new investors listed in the announcement include Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Marshmello, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Tyga and, erm, Juice WRLD. Even death is no obstacle to getting in on the world’s fastest-growing music app, seemingly.