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  • Triller與B2B公司7digital簽訂了為期18個月的新合約


    ◎ Triller在2018年簽署了一項協議,可以使用7digital的歌曲片段。新協議增加了全長曲目,這將推動Triller的新功能,允許付費用戶在其應用程式中,播放完整歌曲。
    ◎但Triller仍然受到音樂出版界的壓力,音樂人 (David Lowery)建議作曲人家應檢查Triller,以查看其作品是否可在Triller上使用,顯示因為主要唱片公司在新創公司中擁有股份,可能導致後續的訴訟。


    Triller and B2B digital music firm 7digital have announced a new deal that will see the latter company providing access to its catalogue of more than 80m tracks as clips and full-length tracks.
    Note, this is just about the technicalities of making the music available within Triller’s app: the actual licensing deals for that music will remain the company’s own responsibility rather than 7digital’s – although the latter company will be providing Triller with “back-end support for tracking usage and reporting to labels” as part of the 18-month contract.
    This isn’t a new relationship: in 2018 Triller signed a deal for access to clips of songs from 7digital, plus reporting support. The new agreement’s addition of full-length tracks will fuel Triller’s new feature for allowing paying subscriber to stream full songs within its app.
    However, Triller is still under pressure from the music publishing community: yesterday musician and activist David Lowery suggested that songwriters should be checking Triller to see if their works are made available in the app, suggesting – because major labels own stakes in the startup – that it could lead to “the mother of all lawsuits”.
    US publishing body the NMPA also has Triller in its sights.