Triton Digital將與Rubicon Project exchange整合在一起

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  • Triton Digital將與Rubicon Project exchange整合在一起


    ◎數位音頻技術廣告公司Triton Digital宣布,將從Rubicon Project加入該交易所。通過這種集成,Rubicon Project的購買者可以使用Triton的平台,從來源獲取音頻。
    ◎Triton表示,與Rubicon Project進行合作,為全球買家提供Rubicon Project的交易平台,提供廣告購買更多機會。Rubicon表示,與Triton Digital合作,能為買家提供來自各種各樣的廣播電台,播客,串流媒體音樂服務等等的多樣化音頻清單。


    Triton Digital announced that its marketplace will join the exchange from the Rubicon Project. This integration will allow Rubicon Project buyers to access the audio supply from the sources using Triton’s supply-side platform. The broader access to premium audio inventory will provide marketers and brands with more options for where to reach listeners with the most effective messages. Rubicon Project is a major advertising exchange that executes billions of transactions every month. Its ad tech platform was founded in 2007, and is marketed with a reach of over a billion consumers.
    “We are pleased to partner with Rubicon Project on this integration, offering buyers around the world access to Rubicon Project’s exchange where they can incorporate live, on-demand, and podcast inventory into their buys,” said Benjamin Masse, Triton’s managing director of market development and strategy. “The integration provides even more opportunities to execute global, targeted, non-skippable, and brand-safe ad buys through open marketplace and private marketplace deals.”
    “We are happy to partner with Triton Digital, and to provide our buyers with access to their diverse audio inventory from a wide array of radio broadcasters, podcasters, streaming music services, and more,” Rubicon Project Vice President of Sales Michael Chevallier said. “Triton shares our passion for bolstering the growth of the digital audio and podcast marketplace by making it easy to access and transact supply, and we believe this integration will meaningfully increase buyers’ reach and ability to connect with their target audiences around the world.”