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  • TuneGO募資770萬美元將用於音樂產業數據平台


    ◎TuneGO這家數據驅動的音樂A&R初創公司完成總計超過770萬美元的B輪融資,由私募股權公司Falcon Capital領投。TuneGO已被許多領先的音樂和娛樂公司所採用,該公司將利用這些資金來增強其技術平台和全球基礎設施,也將增加其工程團隊的規模,投資於用戶增長並繼續擴展到新的國際市場,特別是亞洲地區。

    ◎會員可免費使用的TuneGO將不斷以其大數據活動來為新藝人監測其音樂平台。 TuneGO平台上的藝人活動來自多個線上和線下資源,例如社群媒體追隨者、粉絲參與和產業意見回饋。TuneGO強大的排名可以為藝人提供獲得提升職業發展的好處,包括個人化的A&R服務、廣播播放、同步授權、音樂評論,並接觸到全球最成功的製作人並引介給主流音樂廠牌。



    TuneGO, a data driven music A&R startup has completed a Series B financing totaling more than $7.7 million. Private equity firm Falcon Capital led the round. TuneGO will use the funds to enhance its technology platform and global infrastructure, which is already being used by many leading music and entertainment companies.

    The company will also increase the size of its engineering team, invest in user growth and continue to expand into new international markets, particularly in Asia.

    "With the explosive growth of the global music market, our investors understand the breadth and scope that TuneGO is capable of reaching, especially with the Big Data we are able to generate. Big Data, which is the new currency in the music industry, both for the independent artist and music executives, drives talent and content decisions by industry insiders and with our unique model, we are leading the way," said John Kohl, co-founder and CEO, TuneGO.

    TuneGO, which is free for members, continuously monitors its music platform for new artists with Big Data activity. Artists' activity on the TuneGO platform is collected from multiple online and offline sources, such as social media followers, fan engagement and industry feedback. A strong ranking on TuneGO can provide artists with access to career-boosting benefits including personalized A&R services, radio airplay, sync-licensing, music reviews, access to the world's most accomplished producers and introductions to major music labels.

    TuneGo recently launched an exclusive portal for music industry decision makers and influencers. The portal, which aggregates a wide variety of data points that can be customized to meet an influencer's needs, is providing record labels, music supervisors, talent agents and playlist curators a new way to streamline and simplify the discovery of talent and content while at the same time keeping track of artists and music already on their roster.

    The industry portal is currently invite only.

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