TuneIn與Cumulus Media電台及Westwood One播客網絡達成協議

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  • TuneIn與Cumulus Media電台及Westwood One播客網絡達成協議

    ◎TuneIn與Cumulus Media達成了一項新的擴展協議。根據最新的多年期協議條款,所有Cumulus Media擁有和營運的441個電台及Westwood One播客網絡的節目都將可以在TuneIn的平台上聽到。從今天開始,TuneIn的7500萬名月活躍聽眾將可以聽到全套的Cumulus內容。

    ◎Cumulus Media的總裁兼執行長Mary G. Berner表示「我們理解消費者會跨多個平台和裝置訪問內容,我們把聽眾放在優先位置,我們的使命是提供現代化且適用不同平台的聆聽體驗。擴大與TuneIn的合作夥伴關係,可以將我們的分銷和推廣機會提升到新的水平,向串流媒體、播客和語音人工智慧技術的新粉絲展示我們領先的電台、表演和節目。」


    TuneIn has inked a renewed, expanded deal with Cumulus Media. Under the terms of the latest multi-year agreement, all 441 of Cumulus Media's owned and operated stations and shows from the Westwood One Podcast Network will be available on TuneIn's platform. TuneIn's 75 million monthly listeners will have access to the full suite of Cumulus content beginning today.

    "As the world's leader in live digital audio, we are thrilled to provide our listeners access to some of the best live station programming across sports, news, talk and music and entertainment, as well as popular podcasts and other on-demand content offered by Cumulus Media," TuneIn CEO John Donham said. "We look forward to a long and successful partnership as we grow the next chapter of the audio business together."

    "We understand that consumers engage with content across multiple platforms and devices. We put our listeners first, and we have made it our mission to provide a modern and platform-agnostic listening experience," said Mary G. Berner, president and CEO at Cumulus Media. "Expanding our partnership with TuneIn takes our distribution and promotional opportunities to the next level, exposing our portfolio of leading stations, shows and programs to new fans across streaming, podcast, and voice AI technologies."