TuneMoji宣布與Snap Inc.合作,成為這個社群媒體應用程式上的首個MusicGIF

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  • TuneMoji宣布與Snap Inc.合作,成為這個社群媒體應用程式上的首個MusicGIF

    ◎TuneMoji宣布將與Snap Inc.合作,使其成為Snap這個熱門的社群媒體應用程式上的第一個MusicGIF提供商,可以選擇在聊天或Snap story中分享影片段落。


    ◎TuneMoji最近達成一系列的合作,在Snap之前還有與Viber和Skype達成合作,Skype最近允許TuneMoji透過鼓勵用戶藉著鍵盤的安裝進行聊天遊戲來增加參與度。TuneMoji目前擁有環球音樂集團、華納音樂集團旗下的廠牌以及Sony ATV、Warner Chappell、環球出版公司及Impel/PRS等出版商的授權許可。


    On Thursday (Aug. 23), TuneMoji announced it will be partnering with Snap Inc., making it the first MusicGIF provider on the popular social media app with the option to share the clips within a chat or Snap story.

    TuneMoji's MusicGIFs combine GIFs with music for hyper compressed looping videos and is currently claims an audience of 20 million users. The partnership is enabled by Snap's new "SnapKit" platform for developers, which was launched earlier this summer.

    "Adding music to GIFs is the next logical step in the evolution of visual communication," said TuneMoji's founder and CEO James Fabricant in a statement. "We initially started by creating TuneMojis ourselves, and quickly realized how much more effective it would be to empower a generation with the tools to produce their own MusicGIFs. That infinite creativity is what now fuels the TuneMoji network."

    Since the start of 2018, TuneMoji's audience has grown by 20 times, while content creation has grown eight times and the number of sends per sender has increased by 20 percent.

    TuneMoji's partnership with Snap follows a string of collaborations with Viber and Skype, which has recently allowed the brand to increase their engagement by encouraging users to step up their chat game through keyboard installation. The company currently operates with licenses with labels Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group and publishers Sony ATV, Warner Chappell, Universal Publishing and Impel/PRS, among others.