Twitch Sings卡拉OK遊戲推出

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  • Twitch Sings卡拉OK遊戲推出


    ◎Amazon的直播影片服務Twitch於2018年10月宣布計劃推出一款名為Twitch Sings的卡拉OK式遊戲,為其創作者社群提供一種方式獨唱或二重唱,同時讓觀眾能夠推薦歌曲和挑戰。今年3月,該項仍在測試階段的遊戲推出了一個名為Twitch Sings: Stream Star的選秀式風格的比賽,於本月在柏林舉行的TwitchCon歐洲會議上頒發2萬美元的獎金。TwitchCon現已結束,它還有另一個與該遊戲有關的宣布就是Twitch Sings現已從測試版中脫穎而出,可供任何在Twitch上觀看串流的人使用。

    ◎該公司解釋說:「你可以獨唱或是與你的社群進行二重唱,並且對要求唱什麼歌曲、做哪個有趣的挑戰和挑選打氣的燈光秀進行聊天。」該遊戲可以下載到電腦桌機上,不過授權限制使得它在韓國、俄羅斯或烏克蘭都無法使用。Twitch表示,到目前為止其已經為Twitch Sings設立一個取得「數千首受歡迎的卡拉OK經典歌曲」授權的音樂庫,並計劃每週都增加更多歌曲。


    Amazon's live-video service Twitch announced plans to launch a karaoke-style game called 'Twitch Sings' in October 2018, providing its community of creators with a way to sing solo or duets, while getting viewers to suggest songs and challenges. In March this year, the game (still in beta) spawned an X Factor-style contest called Twitch Sings: Stream Star, with a $20k prize to be awarded at the TwitchCon Europe conference in Berlin this month. TwitchCon is now over, and it featured another announcement relating to the game: Twitch Sings has now emerged from beta, and is available to anyone who streams on Twitch.

    "You can sing solo, duet with your community, and get chat involved with song requests, fun challenges, and cheer activated light shows," explained the company. The game is available as a download for PCs, although licensing restrictions mean it's not available in South Korea, Russia or the Ukraine. Twitch says it has a library of "thousands of popular karaoke classics" licensed for Twitch Sings so far, and plans to add more on a weekly basis.