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  • U2的YouTube頻道重新推出高清復刻音樂錄影帶


    ◎U2是最新將過往音樂視頻檔案、重新管理上線的藝人。樂團的YouTube頻道正在重新啟動,這是UMG的Island Records,Interscope,UMe和UMC部門與YouTube合作的一部分,並計劃在明年發行U2音樂視頻影片的高解析復刻版。
    ◎該視頻影片已經開始播放,其中包含《Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of》的重製視頻,以及YouTube首映。


    U2 are the latest heritage artist to be getting their archive of music videos spiffed up for modern-day viewers online.
    The band’s YouTube channel is relaunching as part of a collaboration between UMG’s Island Records, Interscope, UMe and UMC divisions and YouTube, with plans to spend the next year releasing remastered HD versions of U2’s music videos.
    It’s kicking off today with the remastered video for ‘Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of’, and a YouTube Premiere at 12pm EST.
    The longer-term plans include unreleased live and behind-the-scenes footage as well as music videos. This is the latest extension for a deal between YouTube and Universal Music announced in June 2019, which promised to remaster nearly 1,000 music videos by the end of 2020.