UMG第4次在Billboard前10名中 囊括9張專輯

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  • UMG第4次在Billboard前10名中 囊括9張專輯


    ◎Universal Music Group集團(UMG)創下新紀錄,在Billboard 200的十大專輯中,囊括九張,這是專輯榜64年來第四次,而UMG包辦這四次。
    ◎根據8月21日至8月27日的Billboard 200專輯排行榜,UMG發行的專輯中排名前一到三名,及第五到第十名。
    ◎其中,UMG旗下「Republic Records」共發行了三張專輯,包括第一和第二。「Interscope Geffen A&M」拿下三張專輯。「Capitol Music Group」佔兩張專輯,「Island Records」佔一張。
    (Taylor Swift)的《folklore》-(Republic Records) 排名第一
    (Pop Smoke)的《Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon》-(Victor Victor Worldwide / Republic) 排名第二
    (Juice WRLD)的《Legends Never Die》-(Grade A/Interscope),第3名
    (Nas)的《King’s Disease》-(Mass Appeal / Caroline)排名第5
    (Lil Baby)的《My Turn》-(Quality Control Music/Wolfpack Global/Motown) 第6名
    (Rod Wave)的《Pray 4 Love》-(Alamo / Geffen)第7名
    (DaBaby)的《Blame it on Baby》-(SCMG / Interscope) 第8名
    (The Killers)的《Imploding the Mirage》-(Island)在第九名處
    (Post Malone)的《Hollywood’s Bleeding》-(Republic) 排名第10。


    Universal Music Group (UMG) has hit a new record todaym placing nine of the Top 10 albums in the Billboard 200
    It’s only the fourth time that’s occurred in the chart’s 64-year history and UMG is responsible for all four.
    The Billboard 200 Album Chart for the week of August 21 to August 27, features UMG-released albums at the top three positions, as well as numbers five through 10.
    UMG’s Republic Records has three albums, including No. 1 and No. 2; Interscope Geffen A&M charted three, including No. 3; Capitol Music Group accounts for two albums and Island Records accounted for one.
    The Big 9
    folklore by Taylor Swift (Republic Records) at No. 1
    Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon by Pop Smoke (Victor Victor Worldwide/Republic) at No. 2
    Legends Never Die by Juice WRLD (Grade A/Interscope) at No. 3
    King’s Disease by Nas (Mass Appeal/Caroline) at No. 5
    My Turn by Lil Baby (Quality Control Music/Wolfpack Global/Motown) at No. 6
    Pray 4 Love by Rod Wave (Alamo/Geffen) at No. 7
    Blame it on Baby by DaBaby (SCMG/Interscope) at No. 8
    Imploding the Mirage by The Killers (Island) at No. 9
    Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone (Republic) at No. 10.
    Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of UMG said, “UMG’s unprecedented track record on the album chart is a direct result of our long-term commitment to our artists—providing them with the best resources and expertise the industry has to offer. Behind each of these incredible albums are teams of dedicated employees, partners and entrepreneurs who are guided by a shared passion for helping artists achieve their full creative and commercial potential—and I salute all of them.”
    The History
    It is the first time in 2020 when a single company is responsible for nine of the Top 10.
    UMG first achieved this feat during the chart week-ended November 30, 2013. The second time occurred in the chart week ended September 29, 2018, and the third time was on the chart week ended November 17, 2018.