UMG 簽署NetEase交易 並與Tencent Music合作成立唱片品牌

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  • UMG 簽署NetEase交易 並與Tencent Music合作成立唱片品牌


    ◎對於騰訊音樂(Tencent Music)及整個中國的數位音樂產業來說,這是繁忙的一天。Universal Music Group發布兩項最新交易公告:一項是與NetEase Cloud Music合作,另一項是與Tencent Music合作。
    ◎The NetEase的交易意義重大:一項為期多年的直接許可協議。這項新交易將擴大NetEase的產品範圍,不僅是訂閱,還包括銷售數位專輯的使用權。眾所周知,UMG 7月(Taylor Swift)的新專輯《Folklore》在3天內在NetEase Cloud Music上的銷售額為120萬美元。
    ◎此外,UMG與Tencent Music宣布的第二筆交易,是一項為期多年的許可擴展,而且與騰訊音樂推出的合資音樂唱片公司,將培養、開發、生產和展示才華洋溢的國內藝人及音樂人。在西方,這樣的交易可能會引起爭議(想像一下,如果UMG和Spotify一起成立唱片品牌,就會成為頭條新聞!)。


    It was a busy day for Tencent Music, and for China’s digital music industry as a whole. Universal Music Group made two announcements about its latest deals there: one with NetEase Cloud Music, and the other with Tencent Music.
    The NetEase deal is significant: a multi-year direct licensing agreement (rather than UMG’s previous deal that saw Tencent Music sub-license its music to rivals like NetEase Cloud Music.
    The new deal will “increase the scope of premium offerings and experiences” on NetEase’s service. That’s not just subscriptions: it sells access to digital albums on top of that (as UMG knows well: Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Folklore did $1.2m of sales in three days on NetEase Cloud Music in July).
    UMG’s second deal announced yesterday, with Tencent Music, is a multi-year licensing extension, but also the launch of a ‘joint venture music label’ with TME that will be “cultivating, developing, producing, and showcasing highly talented domestic artists and their premium original music”.
    In the west, such a deal might be controversial (imagine the headlines if UMG and Spotify launched a label together!) but we’ll be interested to see how other labels and DSPs view the UMG/TME joint venture in China.