Universal Music投資案,騰訊可能尋求合作夥伴

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  • Universal Music投資案,騰訊可能尋求合作夥伴


    ◎眾所周知,中國科技公司騰訊正在談判計畫購買Universal Music集團(UMG)10%的股份,並可以選擇在一年後再購買10%股份。人們認為,這筆交易對UMG的估值約為300億歐元,但現在有新發展:騰訊可能不會單獨進行這項投資。
    ◎彭博社報導,騰訊正在就潛在的出價與潛在的共同投資者進行談判,(Hillhouse Capital)和新加坡主權財富基金(GIC Pte)將可能作為框架合作夥伴。報告說,騰訊計劃收購UMG 10%的股份,目標是在未來幾個月內完成收購。騰訊並計劃以債務混合的方式,支付投資金額和股權。


    It’s been known for some time that Chinese tech firm Tencent is in talks to buy a 10% stake in Universal Music Group, with an option to acquire another 10% for up to a year afterwards. The deal is thought to value UMG at around €30bn, but now there’s been a development: Tencent may not be making the investment alone.
    “Tencent Holdings Ltd. is in talks with potential co-investors for its proposed bid,” reported Bloomberg, citing Hillhouse Capital and Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC Pte as partners in the frame. “Tencent plans to lead the consortium for the 10% stake in UMG with a goal to carry out the purchase within the next few months,” continued the report, adding that Tencent plans to pay for its share of the investment with a mixture of debt-funding and equity.
    One potential reason for bringing on co-investors would be as reassurance to regulators, particularly in the US, over the prospect of a Chinese company buying even a minority stake in one of the three major labels. With several prominent US politicians demanding an investigation into Musical·ly’s acquisition by Bytedance in late 2017, it’s a live question.