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  • Vevo將關閉其影片平台


    ◎Vevo宣布計劃逐步淘汰其擁有和營運的平台,從而標誌著其商業模式已有重大轉變。Music Week揭示該面向消費者的網站和應用程式將被關閉。


    ◎Vevo透露將把焦點放在內容以及與YouTube等平台的合作關係上。去年夏天,其執行長Erik Huggers表示,Vevo一直在追求與其他平台的協議,並想辦法改善與YouTube的關係。該公司在日前的聲明中表示:「Vevo將繼續專注於吸引最多的觀眾並尋求成長的機會。我們的優質音樂影片和原創內容的曲目將繼續在YouTube上吸引更多的觀眾,我們也正在探索如何與其他平台合作以進一步讓Vevo內容可以被更廣泛地接觸到」。

    ◎Vevo已進入內容創作領域,其中包括資助藝人音樂影片和為其為新藝人設立的Dscvr和Lift計畫拍攝內容。它也在英國舉辦現場活動。Vevo最近將JP Evangelista拔擢為內容和編程負責人。去年底,執行長Erik Huggers離開了公司,財務長Alan Price接任成為臨時執行長。Vevo於去年在倫敦設立了歐洲總部,每天平均有大約2500萬名不重複觀眾,每月會吸引到250億名觀眾,儘管大多數流量都是由YouTube產生的。


    Vevo has signalled a major shift in its business model by announcing plans to phase out elements of its owned and operated platforms. Music Week can reveal that the consumer-facing website and app will be shuttered.

    The video music service unveiled major upgrades just over a year ago, including a redesigned mobile app and multi-screen functionality for desktop. The company had also discussed launching a subscription service, though that now appears to be off the table.

    While it has made efforts to bolster its own platforms in recent years, the vast majority of Vevo's traffic comes from music videos it hosts on behalf of labels and syndicates to YouTube.

    Vevo has now revealed that it will focus on content and its partnerships with platforms, including YouTube. Last summer then CEO Erik Huggers said Vevo was "always pursuing deals with other platforms" as well as looking at ways to "improve our relationship with YouTube".

    In a statement today, the company said: "Vevo will remain focused on engaging the biggest audiences and pursuing growth opportunities. Our catalogue of premium music videos and original content will continue to reach a growing audience on YouTube and we are exploring ways to work with additional platforms to further expand access to Vevo's content.

    "We will continue to be the primary seller of Vevo-specific advertising on all distribution platforms – including the sponsorship of video premieres. Vevo offers unique selling propositions for buyers to purchase National, Local and Multi-Cultural audiences at scale, in brand-safe environments, with guaranteed reach and all of the addressability of IP-delivered inventory."

    Vevo has moved into content creation, including funding artist music videos and filming content for its Dscvr and Lift programmes for new artists. It has also staged live events in the UK.

    The statement added: "Vevo will invest in original content including our flagship Dscvr and Lift emerging artist programs, as well as new formats that we plan to roll out shortly. Vevo's unique programming and cross promotion of content helps artists at every stage of their careers to harness the power of music videos to reach new, global audiences.

    "Connecting artists to new audiences, while helping tell their stories, and growing an advertising-based revenue stream that benefits all of our partners, are key considerations that drive how we develop and adapt our business. Belief in the power of the music videos will always remain at Vevo's core."

    Vevo recently promoted JP Evangelista to head of content & programming.

    CEO Erik Huggers left the company late last year. CFO Alan Price took over as interim CEO.

    Vevo, which opened its European HQ in London last year, averages around 25 million unique viewers a day and attracts 25 billion viewers monthly - though most of that traffic is generated by YouTube.

    Music Week