Viagogo對Ed Sheeran的演唱會主辦公司提出訴訟,並拒絕在英國議會作證

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  • Viagogo對Ed Sheeran的演唱會主辦公司提出訴訟,並拒絕在英國議會作證

    ◎二手門票交易平台Viagogo對Ed Sheeran的行銷公司提出訴訟,指控其對Ed Sheeran最近巡演的取消門票詐欺。該初創公司也拒絕在英國議會的委員會作證。 英國衛報的消息表示,票務轉售公司Viagogo在第二次拒絕出席議會委員會後,被國會議員指責為嚴重的失禮,因其被競爭監管機構對其提起法律訴訟。

    ◎據英國衛報報導,Viagogo表示已在德國對Kilimanjaro Live公司提出法律訴訟,因該公司取消了數千張透過Viagogo服務已轉售出去的Ed Sheeran的演唱會門票。在該訴訟中,Viagogo指控Kilimanjaro Live執行長Stuart Galbraith「在門口沒收了數千張真正的門票,迫使粉絲購買新的門票,並在重複的銷售中賺進數百萬英鎊」。

    ◎爭議源於2018年5月,當時Kilimanjaro Live在超過10,000張Ed Sheeran的演唱會門票被二手票務服務轉售出去之後將其取消,受到取消影響的消費者獲得了退款和購買新門票的幫助,而據BBC報導,取消事件使得Viagogo花費超過24萬英鎊。Kilimanjaro Live的Stuart Galbraith當時表示「我們正在實現Ed Sheeran想要的,就是『我們希望你支付這個(固定的)價格而進來演唱會』。而唯一一家違背我們的期望讓轉售門票上架且忽略了我們所有通知信函的公司是Viagogo。」

    ◎然而,Viagogo認為取消門票是一種討價還價的策略,旨在與Viagogo爭取獲得更優惠的條款。據衛報報導,Viagogo在他們的訴訟中指稱「在對Stuart Galbraith要求的優先條款提出爭論之後,他威脅說他會利用他的藝人比如Ed Sheeran和Red Hot Chili Peppers來對Viagogo施加壓力,即使這意味著會對他的藝人的粉絲引發巨大的不便」。 Stuart Galbraith告訴衛報,他還不知道有被提出法律訴訟,但他將其視為「非常可笑」的。


    UPDATED: Secondary ticketer Viagogo has sued Ed Sheeran's promotion company, alleging fraud over canceled tickets to the singers recent tour. The startup also has refused to testify before a committee of the UK Parliament.

    Update from The Guardian: "The ticket resale company Viagogo has been accused of gross discourtesy by MPs after refusing to attend a parliamentary committee for a second time, as it blamed legal proceedings brought against it by the competition watchdog.

    Members of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee were due to grill Viagogo on business practices that have made it one of the most controversial companies operating in the UK in recent years."

    Viagogo recently announced that it was moving it's entire Switzerland-based team to the U.S.

    The company said it issued legal proceedings in Germany against Kilimanjaro Live after the company canceled thousands of tickets for Sheeran's concerts after they were resold through the Viagogo service, according to The Guardian.

    In the lawsuit, Viagogo accused Kilimanjaro's chief executive, Stuart Galbraith, "confiscating thousands of genuine tickets at the gate, forcing fans to buy new tickets, and pocketing millions of pounds in duplicate sales," the Guardian reported.

    The dispute stems from May 2018 when Kilimanjaro canceled more than 10,000 tickets to Ed Sheeran shows after they had been resold through the secondary market service. Customers affected by the cancellation were offered assistance in obtaining a refund and purchasing new tickets and according to the BBC, the cancellations cost Viagogo more than £240,000.

    "We're achieving exactly what Ed wanted, which is 'we want you to come in and pay this [fixed] price,'" Stuart Galbraith of Kilimanjaro Live, said at the time. "The only agency which listed [resale tickets] against our wishes and ignored all our correspondence was Viagogo."

    However, Viagogo maintains that the canceled tickets were a bargaining tactic in a bid to garner more favorable terms with Viagogo.

    "Following a dispute over his request for preferred terms, he threatened that he would use his artists, such as Ed Sheeran and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to put pressure on Viagogo even if it meant causing huge inconvenience to his artist's fans," Viagogo alleged in their lawsuit, per the Guardian.

    Galbraith told the Guardian that he was not aware of the legal proceedings, but dismissed them as "laughable" the newspaper reported.