Viagogo 出售 StubHub 在北美以外的業務

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  • Viagogo 出售 StubHub 在北美以外的業務


    ◎英國競爭監管機構 CMA 正忙於Sony Music / AWAL 調查,以及調查更廣泛音樂行業的潛在轉介。至少有一案已經結案:它對二級票務公司 Viagogo 收購競爭對手 StubHub 的調查。
    ◎Viagogo 將StubHub北美以外的業務出售給一家名為 Digital Fuel Capital 的投資公司,該交易已於本月初完成。MBW 有關於該公司的更多細節,包括 StubHub 國際業務的一些意想不到的新姊妹公司。在 Digital Fuel 的投資組合中,它將與 BuyAutoParts、National Tree Company 和 RugsUSA 並駕齊驅。


    The UK’s competition regulator, the CMA, is having a busy month with its Sony Music / AWAL investigation, as well as a potential referral to probe the wider music industry. At least one case has been closed: its investigation into secondary ticketing firm Viagogo’s acquisition of rival StubHub.
    Viagogo has satisfied the CMA’s concerns by selling StubHub’s business outside North America to an investment company called Digital Fuel Capital – a deal which was completed early this month.
    MBW has some more detail on that company, including some unexpected new sister companies for StubHub’s international business. It will sit alongside BuyAutoParts, National Tree Company and RugsUSA in Digital Fuel’s portfolio.
    Well, Viagogo will be pleased that the CMA hasn’t – wait for it! – pulled the rug out from under its acquisition of StubHub’s North America business. However, music industry campaigners will be keeping up the pressure on the company over its business practices.