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    • 201811/0409:07

    ◎Vivendi在非洲多哥共和國的首都洛美開設了第2家CanalOlympia,這是他們在非洲開設的第10家演出場館。這家旗下擁有包括See Tickets、環球音樂集團、廣告代理商Havas和付費電視營運商Canal+的法國媒體集團,於2017年初在非洲開設了第一家CanalOlympia場館,其中包括電影院和現場表演空間,最初的幾家選定的地點包括幾內亞的科奈克里、喀麥隆的杜阿拉、尼日的尼亞美和布基納法索的瓦加杜古。目前CanalOlympia場館已在7個西非國家開設,Vivendi表示每個場館都很快就找到了當地熱衷的影迷和現場演出觀眾。

    ◎該公司表示,CanalOlympia場館已成為當地舉辦演唱會的重要文化中心,通常是與環球音樂集團合作,以及其他的眾多活動,例如,Vivendi Sports將於10月20日在塞內加爾達卡的CanalOlympia舉行一場IBO(國際拳擊組織)世界錦標賽的官方拳擊比賽。此外也有許多當地企業把這些場館用來舉辦私人活動。場館設計有一個模組化的約300個座位的電影院,也可以轉變為一個可容納幾千名觀眾的露天舞台。這是屬於Vivendi Village企業集團之下,該集團還包括Vivendi Ticketing(包括英國及美國的See Tickets、Digitick和4月收購的Paylogic),現場活動製作公司Vivendi Talents&Live和Olympia Production,以及多個音樂場館和音樂節。



    Vivendi has inaugurated its second CanalOlympia in the capital of Togo, Lomé, and its tenth in Africa.

    The French media conglomerate – whose subsidiaries include See Tickets, Universal Music Group, ad agency Havas and pay TV operator Canal+ Group –opened its first CanalOlympia venues, which serve as both cinemas and live performance spaces, in Africa in early 2017, with Conakry in Guinea, Douala in Cameron, Niamey in Niger and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso chosen as the initial locations.

    There are now CanalOlympia venues in seven west African countries (the ninth venue, a second in Ouagadougou, opened this summer), and Vivendi says each have quickly found a keen audience of local film fans and eventgoers.

    "The CanalOlympia venues have become important cultural hubs with the organisation of concerts, most often in association with Universal Music Group, as well as numerous events," according to the company.

    "For example, Vivendi Sports is organising an official boxing competition as part of the IBO (International Boxing Organisation) world championship being held at the CanalOlympia in Dakar, Senegal, on 20 October. Also, many local businesses often use these venues for private events."

    The venues are designed around a modular 300-seat film theatre, which can be transformed into an open-air stage with an audience capacity of several thousand. They come under the Vivendi Village corporate group, which includes Vivendi Ticketing (See Tickets UK and US, Digitick and Paylogic, acquired in April), live event producers Vivendi Talents&Live and Olympia Production, and several music venues and festivals.

    Vivendi-owned Universal Music Group in July announced the expansion of its operations in Francophone Africa, including a new office in the Ivory Coast.

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